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Aug 5 2014 03:48am
1.11 Patch Smiter Guide by N i C k
Dc/tristram Smiter Guide by ivopz
Auradin Guide by ItalianStallion
Vindicator/Templar Guide by GeneralPattonJr
final Hammer Guide By Vic A.k.a. Rip_thejesus by --TheJesus--
Cheese's PvM (Player Vs. Monster)/MF (Magic Find) Hammerdin Guide by immortalcheese
Pvp Gm/bm East Nl Smiter by Cidco
Absorbing Smiter14 by loui-14
"the Templar Oriented V/t Aka The T/v" 1.0 by pdpsiss
Complete Paladin Guide (hammerdin) by spolt105
Hardcore Cs Hammerdin Guide by ___
1.11 Pvp Templar (foh Pally) by TheForgottenOnes
What Does, Does Not, And What's Hidden With Smite, As well as how it's calculated by Camden
Siento's Guide To The Templar Vindicator by Regicide
Guide To The Gm Pvp Smiter V1.11 by mtgtopdeck
Hal's Vindicator/ Templar Guide by Halcyone
1.11b Paladin Hammerdin Pvm Guide by eGc-Crusader
My Final Smiter Guide. by Camden
The Pvm 1.11 Holy Freeze Zealer by SoulReaverX
Eth Templars Might Zeal Guide by bigjay
The Hammerdin Guide by CrimsonTears
Blitzkrieg's Death Pvp Charger Guide 2.0 by xBLITZKRIEGx
Amirreborn's (joob) Guide To The Pvp Petrifyer by Joob
The 1337 Foh Guide By Llcoolflo3 by llcoolflo3
Wcr - Best Griswold Foh Revealed by SelesnyaMtG
Charger/aura Hybrid, Nonladder Guide by Souforte
one Zealot, By Pawng by PAWNGE
1.11B Chaosadin Guide by BTK-
Undying's Pva Resist Stacking Hammerdin Guide by JayPee
Chaos Mfing Hammerdin by 1uke
Jarrad's Build To The Ultimate Vt V4.0 East Realm by Jarrad
1.11b Uber Smiter Guide For Ladder And Hc Ladder by Many_names
__the Pvp Hammerdin Guide__ by koomy
Adjutant's Pvp Aura/smite Hybrid by adjutant
Pvp Hammer / Smite Guide by Steffer
2008 Smite Guide by Steffer
Undying's Pvm Uber Smiter Guide by JayPee
The Zealot by dark-soul
Bui's Vindicator/templar Paladin Guide by Azn Masta
Guide: Cheap Tristram Smite by xXxSebixXx
Marvel's Tele Smiter Guide > V1.01 by marveL
The Avenger by xXxSebixXx
Paladin V.t Guide by Nunchakulee321
The Convictionist by xXxSebixXx
Zeb's Multi-hybrid Paladin Guide by uptoolayte
___ Short Tele V/t Pala Guide ___ by hoizi
Updated Pvp Hammerdin Guide 2012 by 3Dimensional
Guide To Vindicator Crusader > Europe Non Ladder by Greendale

(Outdated Guides)
(Please let me know if there're updated ones)

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