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Official Site Rules and Policies
d2jsp Site Rules

Your account is your responsibility and it is your responsibility to know and follow all site rules.

Violating a site rule or policy may result in any or all of the following punishments: +10% Warning, Suspension, Forum Gold Lock, Account Ban, Account Disabled.

Interpretation of rule violations is up to the sole discretion of the d2jsp Staff. If something is borderline, such content or behavior is strongly discouraged.

Prohibited behavior and content (text, links, images, videos etc.):
  1. No flaming, insults, racism, degrading content, bullying, intimidation, harassment, or threats.
  2. No discussion of illicit drugs or narcotics.
  3. No spamming or trolling. All topics and replies must be on topic and relevant to the discussion content and sub-forum it is created under.
  4. No nudity, pornography, or sexually suggestive content.
  5. No gratuitous violence.
  6. No violations of the law.
  7. No usage of another user's personal pictures or information without express permission.
  8. No impersonating another user or person.
  9. No swearing in topic titles, user names, guild names, photo gallery titles, or other similar features.
  10. No referral links (monetary or otherwise).
  11. No piracy, copyright infringement, or plagiarism.
  12. No binaries, hacks, bots, exploits, or unauthorized third party modifications of any game or program.
  13. No advertising or linking to any external site that has not otherwise been expressly authorized. This includes mislabeled or deceptive links (including tools to shorten or obfuscate a link).
  14. No stealing or scamming from other users within or outside of d2jsp, for any real or virtual goods.
  15. No multiple accounts - only one account per person is allowed. You may not under any conditions create more than one account per person.
  16. No sharing of accounts - only one person per account is allowed.
  17. No monetary sales of anything on, from, or through this site, including, but not limited to: accounts, virtual goods, forum gold, CD-keys.
  18. No begging or requesting donations for any real or virtual goods, including, but not limited to, forum gold or money.
  19. No trading or selling of real life items outside of the Donor Forum.
  20. No botting or automation of any features within d2jsp, including, but not limited to, posting, page refreshing, Ladder Slasher.
  21. No encouraging, helping, or facilitating of others to violate site rules or policies.
Signature Rules and Guidelines (violations may result in loss of rights to have a signature):
  1. The entire size of your signature shall not exceed 400 pixels wide by 150 pixels high.
  2. Text sections of your signature shall not exceed 6 lines of text if you include no images, and 3 lines of text if you have an image.
  3. Total size of the images contained in your signature shall not exceed 70 kilobytes.
Warnings and Punishments:
  • Various restrictions apply once you have been warned, including not being able to post in certain forums, extended flood control, and loss of various rights, such as signature and avatar rights, profile rights, and Forum Gold usage.
  • If you receive a warning, you will be Private Messaged details about the warning, and how to request a removal after the warn period has expired. The warn removal period varies depending on the number of warnings you have received.
  • If your account reaches 100% warn, is disabled or banned for any reason, it will not be restored, and you will not be allowed back on the site now or at any time in the future.
Email support is not provided under any conditions. You must use the contact button at the bottom of each page if you need assistance.
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