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Purchase Forum Gold FAQWhat is Forum Gold?How do I get Forum Gold? What can I do with Forum Gold?What may I not do with Forum Gold?How do I send forum gold?How to Purchase Gold with Postal Mail, Cash, or Money TransferWhat Is d2jsp?Name Change FAQHow Do I Get a Trusted or Mediator Tag?User Group Explanation GuideWhat is the Donor Forum, and how do I get Access to it?How to Become a Verified Member
What is Forum Gold?
Forum Gold is the exclusive currency used on d2jsp for trading, buying account features, and much more! Get connected and join in the fun by buying your Forum Gold today!

Purchase forum gold to trade and stay active on the d2jsp forums!

Why Use d2jsp and Forum Gold?

- No Transaction Fees! Freely trade between other players for a wide variety of virtual goods and services.

- Fully accessible! Engage with your computer or mobile device, our platform is designed to work across a wide variety of devices all through your browser. No app install required!

- Wealth Store and Transfer! Your forum gold will never expire, keep your wealth with you wherever you go.

- Free Mediation Services! We offer free mediation services for all games, and in most cases you will have a mediator assigned and ready to help you trade safely in under a minute!

- Security and Reliability! We have many tools available to ensure security, and have 20 years of experience in providing these services to you.

- No Ads! We pride ourselves on being one of the only sites on the internet without ads. Come here to trade and engage, not be a product to someone else.

- International Support! We have members from across the world and from nearly every country on the planet.

- Amazing Staff, Support, and Community! And finally, we couldn't do this without help from many outstanding community members. This alone is why so many have called it their home for decades!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get Forum Gold?
What can I do with Forum Gold?
What may I not do with Forum Gold?
How do I send Forum Gold?
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