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Name Change FAQ
You can change your forum account name for a Forum Gold fee.

  • The name you choose must be between 3 and 32 characters.
  • The name you choose cannot contain any special characters, ONLY letters and numbers.
  • The name you choose must not already be taken. Old user accounts will NOT be deleted under any circumstances.
  • 250fg for a upper/lower case change of any of the letters in your name. No addition or removal of any letters.
  • 500fg for a minor name change. Ie, removing a couple letters (such as a clan tag). **Note, if you add any letters, this is considered a full name change.
  • 1500fg for a complete name change. Ie, changing your name to something completely different from what it is today.
Notes on name changes:

The only thing that changes on your account is the name. Your user id, post count, join date, gold, etc will all remain exactly the same.

Use the Change Account Name tool located within your settings, or by clicking this link: https://forums.d2jsp.org/settings.php?c=12

When your name is changed, an email will be sent to your registered email address, and your login name will change to the new name. If you are already logged in, you will not need to log back in to see the changes, it will take effect immediately.
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