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d2jsp Forums > Help > General > What is the Donor Forum, and how do I get Access to it?
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What is the Donor Forum, and how do I get Access to it?
What is the Donor Forum?
The Donor Forum is a forum that is available only to those who have given money towards the development of d2jsp.org.

How do I get Donor Forum Access?
To gain access to the Donor Forum, you have to first give (donate) a minimum of $25; however, simply donating this amount does not guarantee you access to this forum. Donating this amount simply gets you into the screening process. Please note that several small donations under $25 adding to this amount will not count towards this screening process.

Purchasing Forum Gold does not Count as a Donation!

Click here to make a $25 Donation and be reviewed for Donor Forum Access or view the donation page and customize your donation.

Another option to gain access to the Donor Forum is to give another user FG, who then can donate real money on your behalf. Please refer to Donate For Me post in the General Help section of the forums for additional information.

The screening process can take several days. There is no guarantee that you will gain access to the donor forum, even if you donate $25 or more, as there are many additional factors involved.
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