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Aug 18 2014 08:46am
Please use the self serve tool for taking as well as offering donate for me donations: Star Upgrades - Donate For Me Tool

Users Seeking Star Upgrades
This is the main list of star upgrades that are available. This list is up to date and is organized by forum gold ratio (the most forum gold per $ is at the top of the list).

Add A Star Upgrade
This is where you can offer forum gold for someone to purchase a star upgrade for you. When you are finished, your forum gold will be taken and your offer will be posted on the "Users Seeking Star Upgrades" tab.

My Star Upgrades (Personal History)
This tab is your personal history of star upgrades. This will show both the star upgrades you've purchased, and the star upgrades you've requested. Appropriate information for your reference and documentation is shown as well.

Recent History
Recent history shows the past 25 purchased star upgrades, along with what price they went for. This is a good tab to reference when considered what you should offer/purchase so you know you're getting or offering the right price.

If you need a more in depth explanation on any of the tabs, or how to use this tool, please go to this guide.


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Aug 19 2014 03:26pm
Another update:
These star upgrades will now be reviewed and processed after 24 hours, instead of after 72 hours. This greatly speeds up the turn-around time of both receiving your star upgrade if you are putting your FG in, and getting that FG if you are the one paying for the star upgrade for the other user.

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