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How Do I Get a Trusted or Mediator Tag?
Trader: Trusted

We at d2jsp reward members who have displayed good character, honesty, integrity, and activity on the forum with this special rating.

The characteristics of this member can be described as generally liked and respected, helpful, honest, ethical, outgoing, active, and friendly.
Simply being a good trader is not enough, more importantly it is a philosophy of helping others, being tolerant, following all forum rules, and subscribing to the golden rule; "treat others as you would like to be treated".

We all have problems, but it is the method that these members use to find the solution that is noticed by the site. The ability to overcome personal differences and continue to create a positive environment throughout the forums is perhaps the most desirable attribute of these members.

There are many rumors circulating on how a user attains this recognition, now that the true reasons have been explained, we will explain the process.

When you join d2jsp, you need to take the time to read the rules, follow and understand them. It is important that you be an example in actions, not just beliefs, to other members. You will be friendly and trade ethically, generally becoming a respected member of this site. Though timelines are not specific, this cannot be achieved in a short period, and will take some time.

After establishing yourself as a respected trader in your community you may begin establishing relationships with the "Mod Team". This term is used here to describe Trusted individuals who are volunteering their time to help the site run smoothly. The Mod Team ensures that rule infractions are monitored and trouble users do not disrupt the Forums. You can help by sending Mod Team Members personal messages when you see issues that need immediate attention, or using the report post button, located in each topic, for minor infractions. These members are very busy, so keep in mind you can overdo it.

Eventually it will be these members that recognize your effort and refer you for review to become trusted.

Here are some common mistakes:
  • Sending personal messages to njaguar or other members of the mod team requesting a Trusted Tag.
  • Thinking that making donations will earn you a tag.
  • Thinking that you deserve a tag because it was given to someone you feel was less qualified
You are not going to be Trusted because of the Tag, you are going to be Tagged because of the Trust.
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Created by njaguar
on Nov 16 2007 10:25am