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How do I get Forum Gold?
  • Purchasing - You may Buy Forum Gold directly from the site (njaguar). Please click here for more information: Purchase Forum Gold FAQ
  • Trading - You can get forum gold by trading your Diablo II items (or any other RPG style game items, see Other Games) in our trading forums. Simply go there and put up what you would like to trade and people will put bids on your items. You can then take the highest bidders offer and make your trade.
  • Creating signatures - You can create signatures for people in the graphic artist forum for forum gold. Keep in mind that just because you make one doesn't mean they will select it.
  • Contests - Through out the forums you will find many people doing little contests for forum gold. They will make up a quiz or riddle and who ever can answer these contests correctly will earn the Forum Gold amount announced.
  • Donating - You can also get forum gold from people by donating to d2jsp for them. Let's say somebody wants a d2jsp star they will go into General Help and look at the Donate For Me! pinned topic. You can then let them know you will make this payment for them and they will give you forum gold.
  • Receiving donations - Your time spent on d2jsp you may help people do stuff or answer problems and in return they will sometimes send you forum gold as a thank you.
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