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Purchase Forum Gold FAQ
The primary currency on d2jsp is Forum Gold. Forum Gold is also known and referred to as "FG".

In addition to trading for Forum Gold, there is the option to purchase it directly from d2jsp.org.

Purchasing FG is a simple and quick process.

Simply click this link: https://forums.d2jsp.org/buyGold.php

When purchasing forum gold from the purchaseGold link above, the gold is automatically delivered instantly after the payment is processed, and stars for your account are also unlocked.

* Please note that your first purchase will not be instant. Your payment will need to be manually validated for your first purchase, but after that you will be able to buy FG instantly and automatically at any point in the future by using the Purchase Gold page.

Don't have paypal? Click Here To Buy Forum Gold Without Paypal

Please note that it is a bannable offense to buy FG directly from another user for money. The only allowed method of using money to buy FG is directly through the forum store.
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