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d2jsp Forums > Help > General > How to Purchase Gold with Postal Mail, Cash, or Money Transfer
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How to Purchase Gold with Postal Mail, Cash, or Money Transfer
As an alternate to paying via Paypal, you may also mail cash, check, or money orders through the postal mail to Paul Taulborg. Here's how you can do it (Read all the steps!)
  • Please be sure that the funds you are mailing are in USD$ only! Moneys sent in foreign currencies will not be honored!
  • If you mail cash through the mail, be sure you conceal it! Make sure it is not visible through the envelope! Never send coins through the mail!
  • Be sure to include your name, account name on the d2jsp forums, and email address with the payment, so that I know who it is from! A return address is also helpful, just in case.
You can mail the funds to:
Paul Taulborg
P.O. Box 12228
Shawnee Mission, Kansas, 66282-2228

We also accept money transfers via Western Union and Walmart 2 Walmart.
Here's how you use Western Union or Walmart 2 Walmart:
  • Find a store near you, go there, fill out a form (or sometimes they have you call in on a phone), and give them the info above (name and address).
  • You will pay them at the store in your currency and they will give you a receipt with a Reference # or MTCN # on it.
  • Send a Private Message to njaguar with that #, how much money you sent, your first and last name, and what transfer type you used (Western Union or Walmart 2 Walmart).
  • Please be sure the title of the PM includes MONEY TRANSFER to ensure it is noticed as soon as possible.
  • Once the money is picked up, the FG will be delivered to your account.
  • Please do not use online sending via Western Union or Walmart 2 Walmart, as these are sometimes not able to be picked up.
  • Minimum amount accepted via this method is $50 USD.

Sorry, we no longer accept or support Moneygram.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact njaguar via Private Message or use the contact button at the bottom of each page (select Gold Purchase/Donation).

I will try and check the PO Box regularly, but if you're unsure, you can always send me a PM letting me know you mailed me some money, so I can make sure to keep checking it during that time.

** Money orders and personal checks require up to 10 days to clear, after receipt, before they will be honored.
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