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Common Terms Used on d2jsp and battle.net

1.d2jsp related
2.d2jsp Staff List Terms
3.Forum/Internet Talk
4.Diablo II Terms

1.d2jsp related

Ava - Avatar
AV - Avatar Violation
Bump - Bring Up My Post
DF - Donor Forum - Donor Forum Information
d2jsp - Diablo 2 JavaScript Parser
FG - Forum Gold
LS - Ladder Slasher
Multi - User who has more than one account on the website - Multi-Account Reports
PP - Personal Photo
PPV - Personal Photo Violation
PV - Profile Violation
SA - Scammer Accusation - Scammer Accusations Information
Sig - Signature
SV - Signature Violation

2.d2jsp Staff List Terms

Tt - Trusted Tag
Med - Mediator
M++/++ - Member ++
Ta - Trade Assistant
Jm - Junior Moderator
Tm - Trade Moderator
Mod - Moderator
Sm - Senior Moderator
Admin - Administrator
Rm - Retired Moderator

3.Forum/Internet Talk

Acc - Account
Afaik - As Far As I Know
Afk - Away From Keyboard
Aka - Also Known As
Atm - At The Moment
Bbl - Be Back Later
Bg - Background
Bin - Buy It Now
Bka - Better Known As
Brb - Be Right Back
Brt - Be Right There
Bs - Bullsh*t
Btw - By The Way
Cnc - Constructive Critisism
Cya - See You Around
C/o - Current Offer
dd - Done Deal
Diso - Desperately In Search Of
DL - Dead Line
D/w - Don't Worry
Ffs - For Fu*k's Sake
Fml - Fu*k My Life
Fs - For Sale
Ft - For Trade/Fast Trade
Ftw - For The Win
Fyi - For Your Information
Gfy/G4u - Good For You/Go Fu*k Yourself
Gl - Good Luck
Gtfo - Get the fu*k out
Gz - Congratulations
Hf - Have Fun
H/o - Hold On
icwudt - I See What You Did There
Idgaf - I Don't Give A Fu*k
Idk - I don't know
IGN - In Game Name
Iirc - If I recall/remember correctly
Imho - In My Honest Opinion
Imo - In My Opinion
I/O - Input/Output
Iso - In Search Of
Jw - Just Wondering
K - OK
Lf - Looking For
Lmao - Laughing My Ass Off
Lmfao - Laughing My Fu*king Ass Off
Lmk - Let Me Know
Lol - Laughing Out Loud
Ls - Level Service
Ltb - Looking To Buy
Lts - Looking To Sell
Lyk - Let You Know
L2r/Ltr - Learn To Read
Mlia - My Life Is Average
MTG - Magic: The Gathering
Nfs - Not For Sale
Nft - Not For Trade
Nm - Nothing Much
Nn - No Need
Noob/Newb - A New User
Np - No Problem
Nr - No Reply
Nt - No Thanks
Ntb - Not Too Bad
Nty - No Thank You
Nvm - Nevermind
Obo - Or Best Offer
Ofc - Of Course
Omfg - Oh My Fu*king God
Omg - Oh My God
OP - Original Poster
Op - Overprice/Orginal Poster
Os - Operating System
O/t - Off Topic
Pass/pw - Password
Pc - Price Check
Pm - Private Message
PoS - Piece of Sh*t
Ppd - Posts Per Day
QQ - Two eyes with tears
Res - Reserve, minimum price someone is willing to sell their product for
Rofl - Rolling On Floor Laughing
Spam - Unnecessary threads or posts
Stfu - Shut the fu*k up
S/s - Screenshot
Tba - To Be Announced
Tbh - To Be Honest
Tc - Take Care/Thread Closed
Tfi - Thanks For Information
Tft/T4t - Thanks For Trade/Thanks For That
Tfw/T4w - Thanks for warning
Thx - Thanks
Tl;Dr - Too Long; Didn’t Read
T/o - Top Offer
Ttyl - Talk To You Later
Ty - Thank You
Tysm - Thank You So Much
Tyvm - Thank You Very Much
U/f - Up Front
Vn1 - Very Nice One
Vouch - To give personal assurances; give a guarantee "I vouch his item is permed"; vouches are considered spam on this site
Wb - Welcome Back
W/e - Whatever
Wtb - Want To Buy
Wtf - What The Fu*k
Wth - What The Hell/Heck
Wts - Want To Sell
Wug - What You Got?
Wuw - What You Want?
Y/n - Yes/No
Yt - You There
Yw - You’re Welcome
1337 - "Leet", Elite
+1/+ 1 - Increasing A User's Post Count By One; Spam

4.Diablo II Terms

Andy - Andariel
Ar - Attack Rating
Baal Run - A game specified to kill Baal's minions and/or Baal himself.
Bad/Unperm - Two or more items with the same identification number.
Bm - Bad Mannered
Brush/B-Rush/Grush/G-Rush - “Bugged/Glitched Rush”, getting a new expansion character from normal act 1 difficulty to hell a4-5 difficulty.
Bugged item - An item with mods that it shouldn't have, created by a server glitch or a hack.
Bumper - A character that needs the Baal quest and is capable of entering the Worldstone Chamber to get a leecher the Baal quest and proceed onto the next difficulty.
Cain - Deckard Cain
Cb - Crushing Blow
Cbf - Cannot Be Frozen
CD-Key issues for All Blizzard Games - https://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=10863439033&sid=3000
Chaos Run - A game specified to do runs in the Chaos Sanctuary.
Char - Character
C/i - Connection Interrupted
Clean - An item with a socket that is still available to use.
Closed - Closed realms, characters are stored on Battle.Net’s servers
Clvl - Character Level
Cr - Cold Resistance
Crush/C-Rush - “Classic Rush”, getting a new non-expansion character from normal act 1 difficulty to hell a3 difficulty, there is no act 5 on non expansion so this doesn’t require a bumper.
Cs - Chaos Sanctuary
Cs - Critical Strike
Ctc - Chance To Cast
Cube - Horadric cube
Currency - The "money" of D2, most items are valued in currency.
D - Diablo
Dirty - An Item That Has Been Socketed With Something, Usually Something Not Wanted.
Dmg - Damage
Dodging - Avoiding someone when they request something
Dr - Damage Reduce
Ds - Deadly Strike
Duped - An item that has copies of it either by a hack or server glitch - USEast Softcore Non-Ladder Dupe List - USWest Softcore Non-Ladder Dupe List - USWest Softcore Non-Ladder Dupe List - Europe Softcore Non-Ladder Dupe List
Duri - Duriel
EBug/E-Bug - "Ethereal Bug", an ethereal item that has been socketed using a cube recipe to give it 1.5x more defense than it originally had.
Ed - Enhanced Damage
Eq - Equipment
Exp - Experience
Fcr - Faster Cast Rate
Fhr - Faster Hit Recovery
Flashing - Benifiting from two auras simultaneously by switching at the right time.
Fps - Frames Per Attack
Fr - Fire Resistance
Frw - Faster Run Walk
Ftj - Failed To Join
Ftjg - Failed To Join Game
Ft5 - First to five (First person to reach 5 wins in a duel)
GF - Gold Find
Gfg - Good Fu*king Game
GFull/G-Full - "Glitched Full" a game on Battle.Net that the hosting server thinks is full when it really isn't, all you can do is wait it out and hope it fixes itself.
Gg - Good Game
Gm - Good Mannered
Gn - Gamename
Good/Perm - An item that has been duped prior to patch 1.10 and now has its own identification number.
Hbt - Hit Blinds Target
Hc - Hardcore
Hcl - Hardcore Ladder
HLD - High Level Dueling
Ias - Increased Attack Speed
Id - Identified
Igg - In Game Gold
Illy Account - Illegal Account; An account created before Battle.
Ilvl - Item Level
ITD - Ignore target defense
Izzy - Izual
Kb - Knock Back
Leg - Wirt's Leg
Leacher/Leecher - Term used for a player who gains experience and possibly swipes items without actually contributing to the battle.
Legit - An item which is one of a kind, and has never been duplicated, based on its identification number.
Ll - Life Leach
LLD - Low Level Dueling
Login Error (#) - Error message received when an account/cd-key has been banned. - Login Error #’s explained
Lpl - Life Per Level
Lr - Lightning Resistance
Mb - Max Block
Meph - Mephisto
Mf - Magic Find
Mfsc - Magic Find Small Charm
Miscellaneous Battle.Net Commands Explained - https://classic.battle.net/info/commands.shtml
Ml - Mana Leach
MLD - Mid Level Dueling
Mlvl - Monster Level
Mpl - Mana Per Level
Mule - A character specifically made to hold spare items in his inventory and stash.
Ng - New Game
Nk - Naked Kill
Nox/Classic - Diablo 2 Non Expansion
Open - Players are stored on your computer, leaving you free to edit/hack them as seen fit.
Os - Open Sockets
Ow - Open Wounds
Pi - Physical immune
Pindle - Pindleskin
Pk - Player Killer
PnB - Poison and Bone
Popping - The loss of currently equipped items upon dying.
Pp - Party Please
Pr - Poison Resistance
Psn - Poison
Pvm - Player Versus Monster
Pvp - Player Versus Player
Rad - Radament
R/d - Realm Down - Realm Down Guide #1 - Realm Down Guide #2 - Realm Down Guide #3
Res - Resistance
Resist All - Resist All
Rw - Rune Word
Sc - Softcore
Scam - Term referring to tricking other players, out of items, forum gold, account, etc.
Scl - Softcore Ladder
Socs - Sockets
Sp - Single player
Spdc - Small Poison Damage Charm
Staff - Staff of Kings
Synergy - Passive bonuses received from points invested in certain skills.
Tanking - Getting up close to a monster, keeping it in place. Enduring many blows.
TC - Treasure Class
Tg - Town Guarding
Th - Town Hugging
Tk - Town Kill
Tp - Town Portal
Tppk - Town Portal Player Killer
Unid - Unidentified
Upd/Upped - An item that has been upgraded via cube recipe.
Ut - Über Tristram
Viper - Claw Viper Temple
Wp - Waypoint/War Pike
Wsg - Weapon Switch Glitch
Wsm - Weapon Speed Modifier
Xpac - Diablo 2 Expansion Pack
ZBug/Z-Bug - "Zod Bug", an ethereal item that was zoded in 1.09-early 1.10, when the zod was removed the indestructible mod stayed. This is not possible anymore.
** Note: Users convert to expansion when they’re physically standing in hell a3 and proceed to finish the rush on expansion, if you convert before this you’ll be pushed back into nightmare once on expansion.


Aa - Ancient Armor
AGoD - Artisan's Gothic Shield of Deflecting
Andys - Andariel's Visage Helm
Anni - Annihilus Small Charm
Ap - Archon Plate
Arach - Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash
AToD - Artisan's Tower Shield of Deflecting
Ba - Berserker Axe
Bb - Balrog Blade/Bug Belt [Europe Only]
Bk Ring - Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band Ring
Bmana | B-Mana | 70/15 - Bugged Mana ~ Small Charm with +70 Mana +15Life
Botd - Breath of the Dying (Runeword)
Bp - Breast Plate
BTals/B-Tals - Bugged Tals ~ A Bugged Tal Rasha's Armor
Bw - Boneweave
Ca - Cryptic Axe
Cb - Colossus Blade
Ccb - Cruel Colossus Blade
Ccboe - Cruel Colossus Blade of Evisceration
Ccboq - Cruel Colossus Blade of Quickness
Chips - Chipped Gem(s)
Coa - Crown of Ages
Coh - Chains of Honor (Runeword)
Cot - Crown of Thieves
Cta - Call To Arms (Runeword)
Db - Dimensional Blade
Deli - Delirium (Runeword)
Df - Dark Force/Death's Fathom
Dm - Diamond Mail
Doom - Doombringer/Runeword
Ds - Dusk Shroud
Dungos - Verdungo's Hearty Cord belt
Dw/Dweb/D-Web - Death's Web
Eagle - Eaglehorn
Edc - Ethereal Death Cleaver
Eni/Nig/Nigma - Enigma ( Runeword )
Eth - Ethereal / Eth Rune
Facets - Rainbow Facet Jewel
Fbb - Fury Balrog Blade
Ffk - Fury Fanged Knife
Fort/Forty - Fortitude (Runeword)
Fpm - Full Plate Mail
Gaze - Vampire Gaze
Gc - Grand charm
Gf - Grandfather
Gheed’s - Gheed’s Fortune Grand Charm
Gmb - Grand Matron Bow
Gores - Gorerider Boots
Gp - Gothic Plate
Gris - Griswold's Set Pieces
Hoj - Hands Of Justice (Runeword)
Homo/Homu - Homunculus
Hoto - Heart of the Oak (Runeword)
Hots - Hotspur's
Hoz - Herald of Zakarum
Hr - High Rune
Ik - Immortal King set pieces
JMoB - Jeweler's Monarch of Blocking
JMoC - Jeweler's Monarch of The Colossus
JMoD - Jeweler's Monarch of Deflecting
JMoM - Jeweler's Monarch of the Mammoth
JMoS - Jeweler's Monarch of Stability
Juv - Rejuvenation Potion
JWoB - Jeweler's Ward of Blocking
JWoD - Jeweler's Ward of Deflecting
JWoM - Jeweler's Ward of the Mammoth
JWoS - Jeweler's Ward of Stability
Levi - Leviathan
Lg - Large Charm
Lp - Light Plate
Ls - Lightsabre
Lw - Last Wish (Runeword)
Maras - Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet
Mat Bow - Matriarchal Bow
Mavs - Mavina's set pieces
Mp - Mage Plate
Nats - Natalya's set pieces
Nw - Nightwing
Occy - Oculus
Op - Ornate Plate
Pb - Phase Blade
Rbf - Rainbow Facet
Pgem - Perfect Gem(s)
Pt - Perfect Topaz
Rm - Ring Mail
Sa - Sacred Armor
Sc - Small Charm
Shaft - Shaftstop
Shako - Harlequin Crest Shako
Sigs - Sigon's Set Pieces
Silks - Silkweave Mesh Boots
Skiller - Grand Charm With + To A Certain Skill Tree
Soj - Stone of Jordan Ring
Strings - String of Ears Belt
SS - Stormshield
Tals - Tal Rasha's Set Pieces
Tg/Tgods/T-gods - Thundergods Vigor
Tits - Titan's Revenge Ceremonial Javelin
Tm - Thunder Maul
Torch - Hellfire Torch Large Charm
Trangs - Trang-Oul's Set Pieces
Travs/Wt - War Traveler Boots
Treks - Sandstorm Trek Boots
TStroke/T-Stroke - Thunderstroke Matriarchal Javelin
Tucs - Bartuc's Greater Talons
Valor - Arkaine's Valor Balrog Skin
v1.07 Valor - A poorly spawned 1.09 /1.10 Valor, Scammer's try to sell off as novelty 1.07 Items. Which doesn’t exist.
Waters/Wws - Waterwalk's
Wf - Windforce/Wire Fleece
Widow - Widowmaker


20/5 - 20 Life, 5 All Resist Small Charm
20/11 - 20 Life, 11 Resistance (Any of the 4 Resistances)
20/17 - 20 Life, 17 Mana Small Charm
5/5 - 5 All Resist, 5% Faster Hit Recovery/5% Faster Run/Walk Small Charm; 5% Faster Run/Walk Mod is only spawnable on Charms found prior to 1.10.
5/3 - 5 All Resist, 3% Faster Run/Walk Small Charm
3/20/20 - 3 Maximum damage, 20 Attack Rating, 20 Life Small Charm
3/20/5 - 3 Maximum damage, 20 Attack Rating, 5% Faster Hit Recovery/5% Faster Run/Walk Small Charm; 5% Faster Run/Walk Mod is only spawnable on Charms found prior to 1.10.
3/20/3 - 3 Maximum damage, 20 Attack Rating, 3% Faster Run/Walk Small Charm
3/20/2 - 3 Maximum damage, 20 Attack Rating, 2 Strength/Dexterity Small Charm
290 - 290 Poison Damage Small Charm
313 - 313 Poison Damage Small Charm
451 - 451 Poison Damage Small Charm

40/15 Ias - 40% Enhanced Damage, 15% Increased Attack Speed Jewel
40/15 Max/Min - 40% Enhanced DDamage, 15 Maximum/Minimum Damage Jewel
40/9 - 40% Enhanced Damage 9 Strength/Dexterity Jewel
20/15 - 20 Life, 15 All Resist Jewel
15/15 - 15 Increased Attack Speed, 15 All Resist/-15% Requirement Jewel
15/9 - 15 All Resist, 9 Strength/Dexterity Jewel
15/7 - 15 All Resist, 7% Faster Hit Recovery Jewel
7/8/8/8 - 7 Faster Hit Recovery, 8 Strength, 8 Dexterity, 8 All Resist Jewel
7/9/9/9 - 7 Faster Hit Recovery, 9 Strength, 9 Dexterity, 9 All Resist Jewel
5/5 - +5%/-5% Rainbow Facet Jewel


Amp - Amplify Damage
Bc - Battle Command
Blizz - Blizzard, makers of D2, more commonly referred to the Sorceress Skill.
Bo - Battle Orders
Bos - Burst of Speed
Bs - Bone Spear/Bone Spirit
Bw - Bone Wall
Cb - Charged Bolt
Ce - Corps Explosion
Conc - Concentrate
Decrep - Decrepify
Ench - Enchantment
Es - Energy Shield
Fa - Freezing Arrow/Fire Arrow
Fanat - Fanaticism
Fb - Fireball
Fo - Frozen Orb
Foh - Fist of Heavens
Ga - Guided Arrow
Hf - Holy Freeze
Hs - Holy Shield/Holy Shock
Multi - Multiple Shot
Tele - Teleport
Ts - Thunder Storm
Valk - Valkyrie
Vive - Revive
Wc - Warcry
Wof - Wake of Fire
Woi - Wake of Inferno
Ww - Whirlwind


Ama/Zon - Amazon
Assa/Ass/Asn/Azn - Assassin
Avenger - A Paladin build relying on the skills Vengeance, Conviction and sometimes Fanaticism.
Barb/Baba - Barbarian
Boner - Necro using Spear/Spirit as its main form of offense.
Bowazon/Bowa - Zon using the Bow as its main form of offense.
BvA - Barbarian versus All
BvB - Barbarian versus Barbarian
BvC - Barbarian versus Caster
Charger/Chargadin - Paladin build that relies on Charge in PvP.
Cookie Cutter - Common Builds, such as Blizzard Sorceresses.
Dudu - Druid
DvD - Druid versus Druid
Drop Barb - A Barbarian that causes people to lose connection by freezing their Diablo II game.
Ele Dudu - Druid relying on Elementary Skills as its main form of offense.
Ench Sorc
FoH'er - Paladin build specifying in Conviction + FoH in PvP.
Hammerdin/Hdin - A Paladin that uses the skill Blessed Hammer.
Java/Javazon - Ama using Charging Strike as its Main Form of Offense.
Martyr - Paladin build which relies on the use of Sacrifice.
Necro/Nek/Nec - Necromancer
NvN - Necromancer versus Necromancer
Pala/Pally - Paladin
Psn Necro - Necro using Poisen Nova as main form of offense.
Ranger - Paladin build using a Bow.
Smiter/Smite - Paladin using Smite as main form of offense.
Sorc/Soso - Sorceress
SvS - Sorceress versus Sorceress / Smiter versus Smiter
Shapeshifter/Wolf Druid - Druid relying on Shapeshifting Skills as its main form of offense.
Trapper - Assassin using Traps as its main form of offense.
V/T | T/V - Vindicator/Templar | Templar/Vindicator Paladin.
Wwsin / Ww Assa - Assassin using Whirlwind of Chaosclaw as main form of offense.
Zeal Bug - When a Paladin using the Zeal Skills misses with his first strike, none of the others hit the target.
Zealot - Paladin using Zeal as his main form of offense.
Zoomancer/Summoner - Necromancer using Summons as its main form of offense.
Zookeeper - Druid using Summons as part of its offense.
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