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Scammer Tag Explanation
Trader: Scammer

A Scammer tag is issued to members once they have been investigated and have been determined to be guilty of the charges against them. It is designed to show the community that special care is required when trading with this user; due to the member's inability to trade honestly.

We at D2JSP are very sensitive to the needs and safety of our members and the process of issuing a scammer tag is lengthy. We review all members intensivly prior to issuing these.

If anyone has been to the Scammers Accusation Forum they will see many threads closed with a Moderator making the statement "Tag Requested". This is the first step in the process, it is requested and sent to be investigated.

After a member is locked and a scammer tag has been requested, the case is reviewed by another Moderator for the proof required to request a tag. If at this point it is verified it goes to the Administrator. The Administrator then reviews the case and if he finds that the evidence is there, the Scammer Tag is attached to that members account.

The Why Am I locked Sub Forum is designed to allow locked members an area to request unlock or information regarding lock. If you have been locked or scammer tagged, you may post one time here asking for information regarding your case.

Scamming ALWAYS results in a Victim.

Victimizing people for personal gain is such a weak way to attain wealth; it shows lack of character, compassion, and sense of personal responsibility. However there have been thieves around since the beginning of time. These individuals prey on the innocent and victimize the trusting, this in turn affects all members. If you know a scammer, take pride in yourself and tell them what you think. If you are one, it is never too late to change.
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