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d2jsp Trading Rules
Below are the official rules of the Trading Ground forums. Please note that these are in addition to the global Site Rules, which also apply: https://forums.d2jsp.org/info.php?p=9

Early Bump:
  • Posting 2 back-to-back posts in one thread before 4 hours.
  • Creating several threads to bypass the early bump rule.
Topic Titles:
  • No more than 3 characters on either side or the middle of your thread title / description. (ie: !!!! TONS of Runes HERE !!!! - would be a bad title).
  • Do not have any ALT letters in your title / description.
  • No off-topic Titles. Keep it real, and keep it clean, please. No swearing as well.
  • Do not use spaces to make a title or description all caps. (G O D L Y F T H E R E would be a bad title/description).
  • Repetitive use of words or letters (Need sshhaakkoo or Need need need shako would be a bad title/description).
  • Banned Trade Topic Title and Description Words
  • Topic title is a compilation of Title and Description.
Illegal Trades:
  • Do not steal other people's trade threads. (you may be warned for this, as it is spamming).
  • No trades via PM. (It's harder to prove a scam via PM than from a trade thread, so always negotiate and deal through a trade thread, not PM).
  • Do not trade for / sell real life items outside the Donor Forum. This includes but is not limited to CD keys. No linking to any outside auction or trade sites.
  • Do not trade accounts, characters, or names. (Exceptions: Eve Online, Diablo 2: Names are allowed)
  • Be specific in your trades. List everything that is for sale, especially in packages, with as much detail as possible. Unlimited quantity sales are not allowed.
  • Do not offer fg/items you don't have.
  • Do not trade or perform services across games/realms/cores/platforms.
  • Do not use false advertising to describe an item. For example, if an item is a common dupe and is being sold in mass, it cannot be described as legit/perm/whatever else you may use to imply the same meaning.
  • Do not advertise items not directly for sale via d2jsp. This includes advertising an item that is on an auction house within a specific game.
Wrong Forum:
  • Price checks must be created using the Price Check button.
  • Do not post Scammer accusations in the trading grounds. These belong in our Scammer Accusation Forum.
  • Do not ask questions in the trading grounds. Please use the Discussion Forums.
  • Do not spam any trade threads, including vouches and free bumps.
  • Do not post in spam threads. Just report it and move on.
  • Do not respond to spam in your thread. Report it.
  • Do not post Youtube videos in the trading grounds.
  • Do not beg for free items or forum gold, or any donation of any kind.
  • Do not repost a thread that got closed due to a violation. (Illegal trade/Spam/Services/Posting in the wrong forum).
Service Rules:
  • You may post your service via the New Service button in the trade forums.
100+ Replies:
  • Threads can be closed due to length, when they exceed more than 100 posts. (We will close it and you can repost immediately).
Top 50:
  • Do not have more than 4 threads up in the top 50 at any time.
  • In Ladder Slasher Trading Hall only, 3 topics in top 50 is permitted.
Use the "Report Post" button whenever you see an above rule broken.
Use mediators for all possible trades.

Note: All trading is at your own risk. We cannot and will not refund any lost items or forum gold. USE A MEDIATOR.
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