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How To Request A Mediator And Prevent Scams
What is a Mediator?

A Mediator is a trusted person who can assist you with your trades. They will hold your items or forum gold until the trade is done.

Always call a Mediator for your trades. This is the only way to do a 100% safe trade. We are at your service: Updated Mediator List

** Note: members++ that don't have a Mediator tag can also assist with trades if necessary.

How to request a Mediator

Make a trade topic and make sure that both of you replied in the topic so that the Mediator can see what the agreed trade is. When that is done, use the Request Mediator button located at the top of your topic as shown in the screenshot below:

What happens after the button was pushed?

Wait for a Mediator to contact you via PM. The Mediator will send you a PM asking for your account, character name and the realm the trade will be made on. After this information was sent, the Mediator will send you a game name and a password. Join the game.

How does a mediation work?

Follow the Mediator's instructions. You will be requested to give the items / forum gold to the Mediator who will then finish the exchange.

Mediators will ALWAYS send you a game name / password in a PM. If someone contacts you on battle.net and hesitates to send you a PM, do not continue the trade.

To avoid misunderstandings, it is very important that you follow the Mediator's instructions and that only 3 people are present in game: the Mediator, the seller and the buyer.

Recommendations for safe trading:
  • Do not answer to PM offers, ask the person who PM's you to post in your topic instead. PM trades are forbidden for security reasons.
  • Always make screenshots of the trade. Refer to this topic for a list of things you should make screenshots of and for guides on how to make them: https://forums.d2jsp.org/info.php?p=13
  • Do not let other users persuade you to trade without using a Mediator. You have the right to request a Mediator and you are expected to request a Mediator.
  • Do not fall for these scams: Well-known Scams Attempted on battle.net and d2jsp.
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