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Well-known Scams Attempted on battle.net and d2jsp
Known d2jsp scams:
  • Be sure that the forum gold has been sent, you don't have to hurry.
  • If the user wants to trade fast or without a Mediator, don't attempt the trade. If you have patience, you will never be scammed.
  • Make sure that the person in game is the one who PM'ed you.
  • Never trust in PM's like: "My friend xxx is waiting for you in game xx1/x". Report these users to a Moderator as soon as possible.
  • Never give first because you have: less posts, lower join date, less vouches, less FG. If you are Not Rated and the other user is Not Rated, you are equal.
  • Never trade alone if you feel unsure and especially with huge amount of FG, use a Mediator.
  • Never trade if someone whispers you in D2, he can be anyone.

Known battle.net Scams:
  • They ask you to type /dnd and try to scam you.
  • Games: "I can dupe", "Dupe", "Dupe here", "My account free" etc... are scam games.
  • Blizzard will NEVER contact you via whisper. If you receive such whispers, it's a scam attempt.
  • Blizzard will NEVER ask for your password, they already know it.
  • You will never have to type your "Account name" and "Password" to save your account.
  • Never trade anything without using the "Trade window".
  • Ask the other trader to move the item in the trade window.
  • Make sure that while he moves the item, he doesn't switch it.
  • 3d party programs are a scam ("Dupe" "Ith maker" "Maphack").
  • Make sure that the item you are buying unidentified is the correct one.
  • "Drop games" are scam games, they use a hack called "Grab it".
  • Alt + F4 its a command to close Diablo, nothing special.
  • Be careful with new friends, some of them only try to steal your items.
  • Never buy an account, they can recover their password.
  • "Bugged Wirt's leg" doesn't exist! It's only a Wirt's leg socketed or it's imbued by Charsi.
  • The only person you can trust is yourself.
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Created by Lajo
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