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Scammer Accusations FAQ
Q: Why am I locked?
A: Forum Gold access is locked when enough evidence has been provided to investigate the account. When the lock is given, the account will enter a new stage of investigation. During this process, your account will be reviewed further, so that it can be determined whether or not the pre-existing suspicions are true. Remember, just because your gold has been locked, it doesn't mean you are going to receive a scammer tag. If you are wondering why you are locked please make a post in this forum and a moderator will let you know why.
Forum: https://forums.d2jsp.org/forum.php?f=293

Q: Will I get my fg back?
A: d2jsp.org doesn't refund forum gold or items. Even though we don't refund forum gold there still is a way that you can get paid back. If the user that scammed you would like to get rid of his locked gold
and scammer tag they are required to repay all scams. This happens quite often and when a user that has scammed you goes through this process you will be informed.

Q: I can't find the trade thread, what do I do?
A: Please follow the steps to search for post that you have made.
Step 1: Click here to view your profile.
Step 2: Under your user name / avatar you should see a Search All Posts button.
Step 3: Once you have clicked the search button you will be brought to a page where you are required to fill in some information. Simply select the category you would like to search and you gold password then click Purchase Search. This will show you that last made in the last 7 days and is limited to 500 search results.
** Note: This will cost you 5 forum gold but is the only solution if you haven’t tracked the topic or aren’t able to find the post manually.

Q: I was sold unperm items can you lock/tag him?
A: Before any user can get locked forum gold because of a scam, proof is required. Such is the case when items poof that were apparently perm or legit. We investigate all claims, but proving these cases are difficult, if proven however, a scammer tag will be requested.

Q: A user is spamming my accusation thread, what do I do?
A: The best way to deal with these users is to ignore them. This may be hard but if you don’t reply to their posts it will most likely stop. If the spammer continues to spam your thread please contact a Trade Moderator and they will deal with it. Please don’t provoke the user this will only make it worse. A list of trade moderators can be found here. Please contact one who is online and provide a link to your topic in the message.

Q: I can't find a link to the users profile, how do I find it?
A: Follow this guide: How to Get a User's Profile Link.

Q: I think this user has more that one d2jsp account, what do I do about it?
A: If you have reason to believe that a user has more that one d2jsp account, please click here and make a post
in this forum. Please be sure to provide the reason why you think this as well as a link to the account's profile.

Q: I have posted all my evidence but it's not getting looked at, what do I do?
A: Please wait patiently, a moderator will assist you and review your case when he/she is available to. Remember, there are many cases which require the same attention. You will not be forgotten.

Q: The scammer has spent all the fg, what is the point of posting all the evidence?
A: Even if the user that scammed you has spent all the forum gold, it is still recommended that you post all the evidence. The reason for this is so that we can investigate the user further and possibly still lock/scammer tag them. This is also so that other users will be aware and be more careful when trading with them.

Q: My thread is closed and a moderator said "tag requested", what does this mean?
A: This means that there is enough proof to convict the user of scamming. This case has also been sent to an admin for final review and possible scammer trader rating. Thanks for taking the time to post against the scammer in a effort to keep d2jsp a safer place to trade.

Q: I see a thread against the guy that scammed me, can I add my evidence in that thread?
A: No, please make your own thread against the user. We ask that there is only one thread per case in the scammer accusations forum. This is to keep it organized and easier to review.

Q: I see the mediators posting in the thread, how come they don't lock the scammer already?
A: Mediators can't lock users' forum gold. That job is left up to the Moderators and above. The mediators are there to help you gather all the correct evidence for your case so that when a moderator views the thread it’s all laid out. Please work with the mediators to prepare your case for a moderator's review.
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