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Words of Wisdom from Formerly Locked Members
Words of wisdom

I would like to express my personal experiences of being locked and scammer tagged for others who are in the situation I was once in.

First of all you need to read the Scam Repay Guide, follow the steps provided and be cooperative. As stressful as it is, the moderators really do recognize your efforts. Do NOT bug them, your case is just as important as the next person's. Messaging moderators or the administration asking to be unlocked will not get you unlocked any faster.

Once you have read the rules and most importantly paid your debts, the unlocking process has just begun. One thing to remember is that everyone makes mistakes, but you have to prove you have learned from those mistakes. I knew I had done wrong and I was willing to show that I had learned. I continued to show a positive attitude in the sub-forums I often visited. I didn’t contribute to spam threads and even when people flamed me for my status I simply ignored them.

Continuing with a positive attitude, I also helped the community by sending major violations (Example: Porn, Keyloggers, People reposting violations over and over) via PM to the appropriate moderator staff team, which is extremely helpful. Remember that A Team Leader is not the one that all the violations have to go to, send it to any moderator that moderates whatever section it’s in. These types of things do not go unnoticed by the moderator team.

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards being unlocked. With good behavior and a positive attitude it will be no time before your efforts are rewarded. Good luck!

How to get unlocked, from a former locked and tagged member

First and foremost:
Understand that the only reason you got locked was because there was MORE than overwhelming evidence that you either:
1. scammed
2. helped a scammer
3. sold fg for real money
4. have paypal issues.

The quicker you own up to it, and try fixing it yourself, the easier this process becomes.
PM A Team Leader ONCE about why you are locked.
The best thing you can do is OWN up to it. It was your fault, now it's time for you to get yourself out of this mess.
If you have scammed, read the Scam Repay Guide and follow the steps there to repay your scams.

This process takes time. You're going to have to be patient.
I was personally locked for nearly a year and a half, others can be unlocked sooner. It all depends on how YOU handle the situation.
A Team Leader himself is VERY busy with the numerous reports, and although he may not answer your thread or PM's for quite some time, he is still keeping track of you.
Spamming his inbox is NOT the way to go about things.
PM him once a week, if he gave you a date to contact him by, PM him once a week beginning with that date if he doesn't respond.

Stay active, don't get over anxious. "All good things to those who wait." d2jsp encourages you to work off your tag. Be patient, courteous, and polite, and you might someday be unlocked. It's important to stay the course. Prove you can handle being unlocked by behaving and being active on d2jsp.

Good luck, and be patient.
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