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Banned Trade Topic Title and Description Words
You may not use any words that describe duped items in your topic titles / descriptions! An example list of banned words is as follows, but this list is not 100% inclusive:
  • bot
  • botted
  • perm
  • permed
  • perm'd
  • unperm
  • unpermed
  • dupe
  • duped
  • dupeded
  • unpoofable
  • unpoofer
  • not poof
  • not legit
  • not self-found
  • not real
  • unlegit
  • unsafe
  • safe
  • clashing
  • non clashing
  • trustable
  • the term "100%" to describe a known dupe
Failure to comply will result in your topic being closed, and possible warns/suspensions handed out for repeat offenders.

This also means that getting around the rule with words (that are not on the list but same meaning) is not allowed either.

You may use the following words to describe your item(s), assuming it's true:
Legit, self-found, cubed, etc

** Selling duped items as legit items will result in a scammer tag!
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