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d2jsp Staff List
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My name is Paul. I am the owner and creator of d2jsp and Ladder Slasher.

If you need help or assistance, please always start in General Help or with the appropriate staff group relative to your issue. This will ensure you receive timely assistance regarding your issue.

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the site!
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My name is Kevin.

I manage the d2jsp staff and all trusted/mediator tagged members, you may contact me if you have an issue with someone. In addition I also handle the following: Account Security, Illegal Trades(fg vs $, Account Selling) and the RLT section of the donor forum.

If you have any questions outside these areas please contact the appropriate staff group. If you are unsure who to contact regarding your question/concern please post in General Help. This will ensure the fastest response and resolution to your issue.

Thanks and I hope you have a great experience here at d2jsp.