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Ladder Slasher Character Guide Collection 1.18

© by NaRa with the friendly moderating help of Paparick and Kevin

Note: Guides are marked + interlinked in these colours according to your experience level:
  • Official by Njaguar(no requirements)
  • Beginner class(no requirements)
  • Intermediate class(basic knowledge required)
  • Advanced class(basic+medium knowledge required)

Content of this collection:
  • I. Basic information:
  • II. Character guides:
  • III.Projects, Contests, Service:
  • IV.Official forums:
  • V. Item mechanics:
  • VI. Records and news:
  • VII. Official guides:

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To understand the very basics of this game, first of all visit the official
Ladder Slasher Portal

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. Basic information for beginners: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Beginner information

        Naras Ladder Slasher Beginners Guide Volume 1.3 (to be updated)

    (Needs Update and author(s)!)
        General Guide on catacombs
        Guilds for Beginners / Slashing with friends

  • Personal Help Services

  • Ladder Slasher Community Guides
    (Needs Update and author(s)!)

        The Fighter (Basic Guide)
        The Rogue (Basic Guide)
        The Barbarian (Basic Guide)
        The Mage (Basic Guide)
        The Guardian (Basic Guide)
        Unlocked classes(?) (Basic Guide)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ II. Character guides: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (Needs Update and author(s)!)
        General Melee Guide
        Specific, more detailed Guides on melee e.g by class and various builts like tanker etc.

        General Caster Guide
        Specific, more detailed Guides on casting e.g. by class, various builts like Wellers, healers

        General hybrid Guide
        Specific, more detailed Guides on hybrid (e.g by class, melee/healer, caster/healer etc.)

        Specific Guides for Hardcore

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ III.Projects, Contests, Special Service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IV. Official forums ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ V. Item mechanics ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Item trade related

  • Item related

  • Gameplay related

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VI. Records and news: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VII. Official guides ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Official game mechanics by the creator of Ladder Slasher, njaguar

  • Official news threads for the latest Ladder Slasher updates

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    Posts: 59,984
    Joined: Jul 10 2006
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    Apr 11 2009 05:44am
    bcmcknight77's Guide to Guardian Build

    A few people made guides to guardians within a week of them coming out.
    I felt there was still too much to learn about them before one could write a definitive guide.
    I'm confident I have that knowledge now.
    So here's what I've found:

    Build #1: The Healer

    This build requires every last stat point to be placed into Intelligence. This is contested by some, and I've never been able to figure out on what grounds. Putting any in vita doesn't make any sense. These guys are programmed to convert mana into life. Putting it in Intelligence will make your heals that much stronger, and by level 55 you'll have in the neighborhood of 5000 mana. To me, it turns into a basic math equation.

    My guardian uses a great wild heal charm. Yes, I prefer heal or focused heal, but it's hard to turn down 199% EE. His heals do from 91-918 (1009/2= 504.5 average heal). the cost is 115 mana per use. Total mana 5422/115 (use) =
    47 casts. (47)*(504.5) = 23,711.5 life. I don't think the extra 10 in vita particularly matters when you look at it that way. They aren't like mages that would only have 2000 life at that point.

    The Healer's Gear


    Heal Mastery. The end all-be all for guardians. You'll also be spending your time almost exclusively in the combs, so if you find a weapon that gives a big bonus to max life or mana, it helps.


    Two schools of thought--are you going to tank, or heal? If you have high EE/high dex armor (must be both), you'll want to tank:

    Believe it or not, Heal mastery isn't the most important stats here. Find yourself some heavy plate with a ton of EE, and you'll save yourself a lot of mana on heals. While the Guardian is clearly designed to heal, he can also tank with the best of them. He is virtually impervious to all attacks except critical strikes because of his high intelligence and low dexterity.

    I use level 35 plate with 100+ EE, and I only see two sort of hits--0 and 300+. The advantage is 1) Other members are more safe, and you can worry about watching your life and not theirs, and 2) You'll save on mana in the long run. All those hits for 0 that would have been hits for 100 really add up. You'll heal far less often. If you can find EE plate with Heal Mastery, dexterity or Max Life/Max Mana, all the better.

    If, however, you have a friend who prefers to tank, you can sit in the middle comfortably with very high heal mastery (and bonus max mana if you can find it).


    Hmmm. I'm gonna go ahead and say a heal charm with as much EE as you can muster. Focused Heal or Heal are preferred, since consistency matters, but don't sacrifice effectiveness for consistency.

    The Healer's Upside

    You can go FAR in the combs with this set up. This is not for 2-wavers. This is for players who are trying to fight that 9th wave. Me and ONE other guy have been to wave 6 with this set up. Two guards and a lot of mana fish = 9th wave every time.

    The Healer's Downside

    This build is painful in solo. Painful may not be the word--I'm tempted to say impossible. You'll never die, but you get to the point where even normal mobs take an hour. Literally. I stopped soloing around level 30 when it took over 100 hits to kill a normal mob. Very vulnerable to critical hits. As I said earlier, I only see 0s and 300s for damage. Most of the time it's 0, but in wave 5, I've taken 3-4 critical hits at once, dropping me to half life. All the 0s make up for it, but it's something to be prepared to deal with. At later levels, it's going to get worse, and I'll never try a well with this build at high levels.


    Build #2: The Juggernaut

    This is the anti-healer in a sense. Still comb-worthy, but better equipped for wells and solos, the juggernaut is a barb with healing capabilities. Every last point will go into Strength, allowing you to pound mobs into a squishy mess with your club.

    The Juggernaut's Gear

    You're melee now. Enhanced Effect is almost all that matters. If you have a club that adds to Strength or DEXTERITY, it will serve you well. As always with guardians, max mana or max life is a nice perk.

    You're not a giant meatshield for others anymore, so EE is nice, but less important. I'd still want armor that has some, but I think i'd rather have 35+ STR or DEX. If you can get your dexterity in the neighborhood of 60, the critical hits applied to your guardian will be fewer and far less severe. That'll save some mana, and when you're welling, perhaps your life (for HC fools like me).


    This is probably open for some debate. For the juggernaut, EE is nice, but I think boosting a melee stat is better. Your INT is naturally high enough to make any charm somewhat effective. It's a balancing act, though. Lots of Dex or Str is great, but an EE charm will change the battle dynamic from a sprint to a marathon. This is a matter of personal preference. Patient people might go for the EE.

    The Juggernaut's Upside

    While not as good damage-wise as a barb or fighter, the juggernaut makes up for it with his ability to stay in any fight for the long haul. They have the STR to do damage, the Vita and armor to tank, and the INT to heal themselves effectively. With the right equipment, it's an excellent weller. This is a build for people who want to play guardian but don't comb a lot.

    The Juggernaut's Downside

    Still dex-poor and vulnerable to critical hits. Not as effective offensively as barb or fighter. Not as useful in the tombs as barb or fighter. Not a good group healer.


    Build #3: The Hybrid

    The idea behind this one is having enough INT to be competent in the combs, but do more than 30 damage when he isn't busy healing. He should also be able to level himself when he isn't combing, which is nice.

    Think of it like the vitabarb build. Add every stat point to INT until you reach 75. All STR or DEX after that (STR for more damage, DEX to be a well-rounded defensive tank vs normal, critical, and magical attacks. In the end, you want your dexterity to be the same amount as your strength, so if you have a bunch of dex gear already, you'll be adding to STR. Aim for 100 str/100 dex (75 INT, 55 vita).

    The Hybrid's Gear


    This has to be EE again. That should be obvious--it's also the primary difference in gear from the Healer's build. Heal mastery is a nice bonus--more important that STR or DEX. Remember, you've got mates to consider sometimes.


    Plate with EE and/or Heal mastery(or DEX/STR) again.


    Same as Healer. If you can find a mediocre heal charm (50+ ee) and 20+ str or dex, that would be ideal.

    The Hybrid's Upside

    Still a reasonably good healer and tank, but now has the added bonus of doing more than 0-100 damage at higher levels. Perhaps the best tank in the game if you add everything to DEX.

    The Hybrid's Downside

    More damage comes at the price of healing ability. Still weak offensively, just not pathetic.

    Tips and Tricks:
    • For low level mazes, heals in the ACC only COST 75% now, so make sure your primary charm (along with your weapon and armor) is Max Mana. Put your ee charm in the ACC. I prefer this all the way to lvl 40 or so.
    • Remember, you never add vita to a guard. For every build, final vita should be 55.
    • Hybrids and Juggernauts make for great wellers. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.
    • Heal Mastery is much better than Intelligence. Do not buy intel gear.
    • If you can get your dex to 50 or 60 while still wearing EE plate, you'll be a very effective tank.

    This guide was written by bcmcknight77 on 7/13/2008. Updated to Version 1.1 on 4/11/2009.

    This post was edited by Paparick on Apr 11 2009 06:42am
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