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Necromancer Guides
Novamancer by samuraivillain
Guide For Pvp And Pvm Poison Necro by Gauss™
Pvp Bonenec Guide by _GANDY
Guide For Pvp Bone/summomancer by xerion
Pvp Summonnova-manser by Victor/120767
Godly Pvp Bone Necromancer Guide by xutz
Necromancer Guide For legit, leauge duels by DarKE_Angel
Bone Necro Guide, One of A Kind by kinkykowboy
Pvp Bm East Nl Psn Necro by Cidco
Oboy The Necromancer, The Guide! V 1.2 by SpAz.

Amazon Guides
Mf Javazon Guide by _GANDY
Doughboy's Pvm Plague & Fury Javazon Guide by doughboy
Pvp - Plague - Javazon - Guide by By Aceboomcoon
Wolf's Pvp/pvm Hybrid Zon by Wolf-Strong
Pvp Bowzon Guide! by Phuck_legitZ
Pvm Strafer (mf) Guide by noddie
Beyounds Hybrid Ama Pvp / Tactic Guide by BeYound
Doughboy's Pvm Plague & Fury Javazon Guide V1.10 by doughboy

Paladin Guides
Pvp Foh Pally Guide by Bones.
Foh Pvp Pally Lvl 90 by Striker_99
Pvp And Pvm Zealot Guide by McNabb2TO46
Guide For Pvp Vindicator by Gauss™
The Helper, A simple follow bot character by ^^Brian^^
Mf Hammerdin Guide by _GANDY
Guide For Pvp Crusader by Gauss™
Pvp Ranger (Bow Pala) Guide by KiRBY HUnter
Vindicator/templar Guide by Neoptolemos
Itwashamma_time's PvP Hammerdin Guide by dentondjb
V/t Version 2.0 by GeneralPattonJr
Smiter Pally Build To Kill Dclone by chills96

Sorceress Guides
Blizzard Sorceress Guide by ChainLightningZ2
Guide For Pvp And Countess Lightning Sorc by Gauss™
Fireball/meteor Sorc Guide by ^^Brian^^
Melee Sorceress Guide by JustDieFool
Pvp Orb Sorc Guide by triple_han
Pvp Caster/damage/sorber Fber Guide by Cidco
Pvp Orbsorc Guide! by shortman1163
Support Enchantress Guide by XxWraithsxX
Gosu Cold Sorc Guide - Pvp by BeYound

Barbarian Guides
Concentration Barb Guide by Rhuman13
Whirlwind Barb Guide by Rhuman13
War Cry Barb Guide by Signation
Wolfbarbs-the Ultimate Guide by Dr@kE~
A Throw Barb Guide by KiRBY HUnter and his friend
Pvp Double Throw Barbarian Guide by JustDieFool
Ik Ww-barb Build by Geden
Concentration Axe Barb Guide by kinkykowboy
The Mr.cress Ww Barb Build by f.o.r.c.e
morot's compete ww barb guide by morotsjos
BvC Guide by th3_0n3 posted by The Franchise
The Ancient Art Of Bvb by Darkal

Assassin Guides
Martial Arts: Claw/claw Pvp Assassin by HellBoundMidget
Complete Pvp Ww Assassin Guide with dueling strategies by xu-godx
Trapper / Ww Hybrid Sin Guide by xu-godx
Trapsing Guide by ^^Brian^^
Guide For Pvp Trap Assassin by Gauss™
Pvp Kicker! by JustDieFool
Pvp Trapper Guide by makaveli7
The Ghost-ww Assassin Varient by Kodachi_Ysaane
Bow Assassin Guide by Ironsolid06
xepo's wwsin FAQ's tables

Druid Guides
Elemental Druide Guide by ^^Brian^^
Fury Werewolf Guide PvP by JustDieFool
Guide For Pvp Wind Druid by JustinPeters
Pvp Fire Claw Druid by Victor/120767
Pvp Wind Druid by AzN_EleMentZ
Comprehensive Elemental Druid Build by Spechul

Miscellaneous Guides
Guide To Making A Perfect UberTristram by ultimatetraderr
Xirox's Uber Trist Exp Guide by XiroX

Multi-class Guides

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