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Apr 26 2022 03:14pm
Went to the flea mart last weekend.
Haven't been out properly thrifting in a while :wacko:

Didn't find too much..
But grabbed a couple things:

Worms (Disc Only) - PS1 in a NHL 2k -DreamCast Case

A bit of a random pickup.
Worms is actually a somewhat uncommon game..
Not to be confused with Worms Armeggedon!
It is a early PS1 release that is supposed to be decent!
Complete copies go for ~$20
However, I didn't buy this for the game..

I actually picked this up for the case! lol
I already have NHL 2k for DC, but the case is broken.
It's normally easy enough to swap out a jewel case..
But these sports games have the holo sticker on the cover.

I'm happy to find a replacement case.
King of silly all these considered..
But it is the little things, ya know??

It was only $1 so an easy pickup.
They actually had a couple other DC games that I passed on.
It was NBA Hangtime on NBC and NFL 2k
I already had both and they were scratched to hell..
But you don't see DreamCast games in the wild much these days.

Hot Shots Golf - PS1

Arcade golf games are my guilty pleasure lol
I have never played Hot Shots though..
But I am intrigued that it is published by Sony.
At least the production value will be good?

Again, it was $1.. so why not?
Haven't played it yet..

But I have been thinking of parting with some of my PS1 games.
I have a stack of decent games that I haven't touched in a while.
If I don't like this game, I can easily bundle it with something else :)

Yu-gi-oh Dawn of Destiny - Xbox

Oh geez...
I have very little experience with yu-gi-oh.
I played the old PS1 game with a friend as a kid.
However, I don't think it even used the proper rules.
Not that it matters, I don't remember them at all lol

I recently got back into it playing MTG.
I have my old cards and have been playing with a couple friends.
I really enjoy MTG and have had a blast revisiting it.
But I don't get a chance to play too often.

I used to play Shandalar when I was younger too.
Anyone remember that???
I would kill for a good MTG game on console!

Well, I thought this might be a good alternative?
I mean I am not so much a fan of the aesthetic of yu-gi-oh..
But if it has good card mechanics, I can get some enjoyment out of it.

I have only played it a little bit..
The game looks and plays great!
However there is no tutorial so I have no idea what I'm doing lol
I'll have to learn the rules sometime

Got this game for $2.

Nothing too crazy with this haul.
But for $4? It's a win for me! 😇

Money Spent: $3261
Total Sales: $3274
Profit: $13

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Apr 27 2022 11:06pm
Still such a quality thread
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May 10 2022 02:39pm
Quote (Ruthless187g @ Apr 28 2022 01:06am)
Still such a quality thread

You are too kind :)
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May 10 2022 02:52pm
I've hit a bit of a dry spell..
Although I honestly haven't been thrifting much.
Instead, I've been playing a lot of my collection.
It has been nice to make a dent in my backlog.
Some of these games I've had for years..
finally getting around to playing them!

Anyway, here are a couple small pickups from HPB:

Wii Sports Resort (Cardboard Sleeve) - Wii

They had a few copies of Wii sports too.
But I was hesitant to pick them up.
Wii sports saw a huge spike in value during the pandemic.
I think my LGS is still trying to sell them at $40 each.
At HPB, they were $10 each...
Tbh, I don't think there is much profit to be made on that.

The pandemic is winding down..
And there is a new nintendo 'sports' game coming out on switch.
Or maybe it's out already?
I just think there is less of a market now than a few months ago.

Either way, I picked this up for $10.
I think I can double my money..
Even if I can't, it will be a quick sale.
The shelves have been bare so I'm desperate lol

Monopoly Party - GameCube

It's been a while since I found a cheap game I don't have..
In fact, this is my 200th GameCube game! 🎉
Only 350 left to go lol :rolleyes:

It was only $2.
It's not a great game.. but I think worth it!
I like board games, but don't play them as much as I like.
This is a pretty streamlined version of Monopoly.
Not a bad way to play it!

I will definitely get some play out of this..
Even though it is lame to play solo lol
I just like having different types of games to enjoy :)

Money Spent: $3273
Total Sales: $3274
Profit: $1

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May 24 2022 06:02am
Sold Wii sports resort (cardboard sleeve) for $22

Money Spent: $3273
Total Sales: $3296
Profit: $23

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May 24 2022 06:02am
Profit!! <3
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May 30 2022 03:41pm
Quote (Joekel @ May 24 2022 08:02am)
Profit!! <3

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May 30 2022 08:03pm
I'm a little behind on updating this thread!

Here are 3 games I picked up a month or so ago.
I have actually already beat them! 😇

Fable – Original Xbox

I was so happy to revisit this game!
I have a lot of memories playing this as a kid.
I definitely beat it multiple times!

It has kind of an interesting legacy.
This games promised so much...
It delivered only a fraction.
But the final product was a gem.

It's an RPG about choices.
Definitely not a JRPG.
But one with high phantasy and British influence.
Do good deeds, get a reputation of virtue.
Or be as evil as you want.

Revisiting it was a treat..
However, it was definitely more jank than I remember.
It was a little too easy.
it was a little too short at ~10 hours.
I wish it had a more expansive weapon/armor system.
Nevertheless, I love this game :)

Fable 2 has the reputation of being the best...
I think the original is still where it is at!

Doom 3 – Original Xbox

This was my first Doom game..
So my opinion about this game is maybe unique.
Doom3 was criticized by fans as not being a faithful 'Doom' game.
I can't speak to that.
But I can say is it was an above average FPS with great atmosphere.

I loved the lighting effects.
I also liked the survival horror influence.
I honestly wish it would have leaned in more to that.
It was kind of repetitive, but short.
Overall I enjoyed it. :)

I left feeling very impressed by this game.
By today's standard, it has kind of been done to death.
But for it's generation it seemed very ahead of its time.

Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1 – Original Xbox

I love having these retro collections.
They are probably compromised ports.
But they have a ton of value!

This one has a lot of great titles.
Unfortunately, half are Street Fighter.
Not that Street Fighter is bad...
It is just much better against another person.
I like the pick-up-and-play aspect of them.
So I don't get a ton of value out of those titles..

But Ghosts and Goblins and Sector Z!
It is so nice to have a way to play it!
I'm terrible at them lol
But slowly getting better.

I wish this compellation was on GameCube.
Kind of weird it wasn't.
I mean, GameCube got good support from Capcom?
Oh well. This is why I got an Xbox :)

Got these 3 games for $21.
All from my local game store.
Xbox is so cheap!

Money Spent: $3273
Total Sales: $3296
Profit: $2

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Jun 21 2022 03:45pm
Time for a long overdue update!
I was on holiday for the last ~10 days.
Went to a few different places, but had some free time to thrift!

We spent one morning stopping at some garage sales and thrift stores.
Not a ton of time, but it was nice to scope out a new place!

Found a couple thing:

Grand Slam (Disc Only) - PS1
Tetris Plus (Disc Only) - PS1
Tomb Raider Chronicles (Disc Only) - PS1
Test Drive Off Road (Disc Only) - PS1
007 Tomorrow Never Dies (Disc Only) - PS1

Kind of a random lot here..
But it was in a sleeve of discs for $1 at a garage sale.
Nothing I'm really interested in playing..
I guess Tomb Raider Chronicles kind of interests me.
But I just couldn't pass it up for $1.
I'm going to trade these in for credit at my LGS.
Probably won't get much.
But I'll definitely get more than $1 :)

Mortal Kombat Armageddon - PS2
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow Part 3 - PS3

Got these for $3 each at a thrift store.
Almost passed them up tbh.
But they carry enough value to flip.

I have a lot of nostalgia for the MK franchise.
But really I only enjoy the original 3.
I'm just not that big of a fighter fan..
..and I'm pretty sure MK is not considered particularly good.
But it is a cool game series because of its history.

I don't know anything about this HP game..
But I'm surprised to see it sell for ~$25-$30 complete.
Unfortunately it is missing the manual <_<
But I'll have to keep my eye out for these games.
Could be an easy flip to fund the games I want to play :)

And finally, a couple games I will keep:

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x - Original Xbox
Phantom Brave - Wii

I am a big THPS fan!
I've heard of this game but never played it.
It is kind of an odd place holder in the franchise.

THPS3 launched on the GameCube and PS2.
But for some reason, we got 2X for the Original Xbox.
Essentially, it is an enhanced port of 1&2 with a couple new levels.
This might not sound too impressive..
But it sounds like a joy to play THPS1 with THPS2's controls!
This was the original way to combine combos with manuals on THPS's maps.

It's not a pricey game or anything..
But I already have 1&2 on multiple platforms.
I didn't want to go out of my way to get it.
But I'm stoked to find it at a thrift store for $2!
Looking forward to playing it :)

I'm also happy to get Phantom Brave!
I have finally got around to playing LoZ Skyward Sword.
I am having a blast with it and reminds me how much I love the Wii!
Now, I normally try to scoop up games that use motion controls in clever ways.
However, Phantom Brave is not one of them.
It is actually a PS2 port of a Tactical RPG!

I'm always surprised that NIS games are relatively affordable.
They have all the hallmarks of more collectible games.
Maybe they had really high print numbers?
I don't know! :)
But these are affordable Tactics RPGs, one of my favorite genres!

I got this for $10.
A deal, but really not much cheaper than a retail copy.
I mean, getting it with the manual and cover sleeve can be a bit steep.
But $10 for a Tactical RPG??
No complaints here :)

Money Spent: $3313
Total Sales: $3296
Profit: -$17

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Jun 21 2022 04:05pm
On part of my recent trip, we stopped to visit my Uncle..
He very randomly bought be a couple games lol

We were out shopping when we stopped in a retro store.
As I went to check out, he bought my games as 'an early birthday gift'.
My birthday is not for a few months lol

I had not seen him in a long while.
I think it was his way of thanking me for coming out to see him.

Here is what he got me lol:

Time Stalkers - Dreamcast

Haven't picked up a DC game in a minute.
But this is a game I've wanted for a looooong time!
When I saw it there, I knew I had to grab it.
It is in amazing shape; looks almost new!

It's a Japanese styles Rogue-like.
Not a style of game I have much experience with!
For those not familiar, a Rogue-Like is essentially an RPG.
However, your character stats do not carry with you.
So you enter a 'dungeon' at level 1 and level up as you go.
Then, the next dungeon, you start over at level 1!

Sounds kind of strange, I admit.
But these games are incredibly popular.
Perhaps you have heard of Chocobo Mystery Dungeon?
Or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon??.
I have wanted Time Stalkers as a way to introduce me to the genre.
Besides, I am always happy to add any RPG to the DC.
The system didn't have a ton... but damnit do I love Sega!! lol

Dragon Quest Swords - Wii

A neat Wii game I've been wanting to check out!
I probably don't need to say much about the DQ franchise..
other than it basically created the RPG genre.
However, I have almost no experience with these games.

Well, I chose a very unusual one to start with lol
This is a first person RPG where motion controls 'slash' your enemies.
Sounds unique and fun to me :)

I don't think it is a particularly deep game.
In fact, I think the main story is only ~10 hours.
But that is actually a plus to me!
This will be a nice way to scratch that RPG itch without dedicated ~30+ hours :wacko:
I'm looking forward to this playing this odd game!

No money spent here.
Happy 'Birthday' to me :lol:
Thank you, Uncle!

Money Spent: $3313
Total Sales: $3296
Profit: -$17
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