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Guild FAQ
Q: What is a d2jsp Guild, and why would I want to join one?
A: A d2jsp Guild is a way for you to create a common club, or clan, or guild for you and your friends. Each member of a guild gets the tag next to their posts, private messages, and in their profile. Guilds could be used or useful for a number of things, such as trading, knowing that everyone in guild X is trustworthy. Be creative!

Q: How do I create a Guild? How much does it cost?
A: Go to the main Guild List page, and scroll to the bottom. Click the big bold link you see. It costs 2500fg to create a guild.

Q: How do I join a Guild? How do I get members to join a Guild I created?
A: Click My Guild to view a list of Guilds (or click My Guild, then Guild List in the top left if you are already in a guild), and choose a guild you wish to join. Click the name of that guild to go to their member list. At the bottom left of the page will be a link: "Click Here To Request to Join This Guild". Click this to request to join the guild. Once you do this, you must wait for the Guild owner to approve your join request. Please note, some guilds disable the ability for new members to request to join, and a link may not appear on those guilds.

Q: How do I leave a Guild? Can I get kicked out of a Guild?
A: To leave your Guild, go to your guild member list, then at the bottom right click the Leave button. Currently, the Guild Owner cannot leave the Guild, but they may delete the guild or transfer ownership to someone else (see below). If you join a Guild, the Guild Owner can remove you from the Guild at any time.

Q: What features are available to a Guild Owner?
A: Here is a brief list of the current features (warning, this may not be up to date!):

* Guild Member List (free!)
* Guild Tag (free!)
* Guild Management (free!)
* Member/Rank/Rights Management (free!)
* Ability to purchase expansion member slots
* Ability to purchase additional member ranks
* Public Guild Charter
* Guild NoteBox for notifications and mini-chat
* Live Chat via the d2jsp Instant Messenger
* Ability to buy a Guild avatar
* Ability to buy a Guild description
* Guild Logs (free!)
* Guild Topics
* Guild Polls

Q: What features are planned for the d2jsp Guilds?
A: Many features planned for Guilds. More information will be posted as features are developed.

Q: What is a public Guild Charter?
A: A public Guild Charter is a brief description about what your guild is, and what it stands for. Typically, you outline your rules and guidelines, and any guild policies and/or requirements you may have for the members. This is a publicly displayed message, that basically informs new potential members on what is expected of them to become a member.

Q: Why is this stuff so expensive? Why is there a base member limit?
A: Guilds are meant to be a privilege to those that are willing to pay for them. Having a high price means that the people that purchase them will probably take them more seriously. Having a base member limit that you can expand is to allow guilds to be selective in who they allow to join their guild. Furthermore, if guilds charge people to enter their guild, the member will likely be better behaved than if they had nothing to lose.

Q: What is the policy on Guild behavior?
A: You have to follow the site rules, the same as before. The administration reserves the right to rename or close/delete any guild for any or no reason.

Q: How do I approve/deny members that are requesting to join my Guild?
A: First, you have to be the Guild Owner, or have Approve Member rights assigned to your rank.
Next, go to your My Guild page, and at the bottom will be a list of Pending Members. Check the checkbox, and click the appropriate button at the bottom of your pending list.

Q: How do I remove/edit members that are already in my Guild?
A: First, you have to be the Guild Owner, or have Remove Member or Edit Member rights assigned to your rank.
Next, go to your My Guild page, and at the top will be a list of Current Members. Check the checkbox, and click the appropriate button at the bottom of your member list.

Q: How do I change a members Rank in my Guild?
A: First, you have to be the Guild Owner, or have Edit Member rights assigned to your rank.
Click the Edit Member icon on your My Guild page, which will take you to an edit member dialog. Here you can select which rank you want to be assigned to that user.

Q: How do I edit my Guild Charter?
A: First, you have to be the Guild Owner or have Edit Guild Charter rights assigned to your rank, and have purchased a Guild Charter.
Click the View Charter link from your My Guild page, or from the Guild List page. At the top of the Guild Charter page will display your guild name, and Charter: with an [Edit] link after it. Click this link to get to the edit page.

Q: Can I transfer Guild Ownership to someone else?
A: Yes. If you are the guild owner and wish to resign and transfer your guild to someone else, an Jr Admin can do a transfer for you for 1000fg. Contact a mediator for more information and assistance, as this process is not automated. Please note that IRC is not included in guild transfers.

Q: Can I change the name of my Guild?
A: Yes. If you just made the guild, and made a small typo, an Jr Admin can fix it for you, if you contact them within 24 hours of creating your guild. If it has been more than 24 hours, you can get a guild name change for 1000fg. If you just recently changed ownership (see above), and would like to purchase a Guild Rename, it will only cost 500fg. Please note that IRC is not included in a guild rename.

Q: What is a Guild NoteBox?
A: It is a quick chatbox you can purchase for your guild. It allows your members to quickly communicate with each other. Right now, the maximum number of entries it will store is 25, after that, it starts to remove any older entries beyond that amount.

Q: What is a Guild avatar?
A: A Guild avatar is an avatar shown at the main guild list. You can use your Guild avatar in here, or any other avatar you like, you can buy an Guild avatar by going to My Guild, and then click Purchase Guild Avatar.

Q: What is a Guild description?
A: A Guild description is a brief description shown under the Guild Name in the Guild List. To buy a Guild description go to My Guild, and then click Purchase Guild Description. To edit your description, go into Guild Settings

Q: What is a Guild Point, and how do I get them?
A: A guild point is something earned by playing Ladder Slasher. Once you level a character to 71 you can attempt a Master Quest and gain a certain amount of Guild Points depending on which Character Class you were when you passed. You can find out more information here: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=1#FAQ

Q: Can I delete my Guild?
A: Yes, a Guild can be deleted. This feature is shown to the Guild Owner and is under the settings section of the Guild in the bottom right. To delete your Guild click the "Delete Guild" button. Once you have confirmed your deletion an Admin will be notified to complete the process.
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