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Search Feature
The d2jsp forums feature an integrated search bar in the Trading Grounds and also in this Help Section. This feature allows you to quickly and easily locate topics and information based on what you enter. There are few quick tips you can follow to make searching easier.

The following special operators can be used when searching:

Explicit operator "AND":
hello & world

Operator OR:
hello | world

Operator NOT:
hello -world
hello !world

( hello world )

Here's an example search which uses all these operators:
( cat -dog ) | ( cat -mouse)

There always is an implied AND with your search terms, so a search of "hello world" actually means "hello & world". Therefore, the results must contain both "hello" and "world".

The OR operator is higher in order than AND, so "looking for cat | dog | mouse" means "looking for ( cat | dog | mouse )" and not "(looking for cat) | dog | mouse".
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