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Feb 7 2022 09:27am
Hello everyone!

With 2022 in full swing we felt it was time once again to post an update of what has happened since we last shared. Over the last five months there has been tremendous growth and activity within our community. On the d2jsp staff side we've gone through 25 staff promotions, 5 staff retirements and have added 13 new trusted members. We have also been hard at work improving the community and the overall user experience through over 100 site updates, changes and new features. The full list of updates and changes can be found below.

The record on the fastest Ladder Slasher reset was set, where bdan reset the Softcore Ladder in 8 days, 22 hours and 15 minutes. For those of you who are not familiar with Ladder Slasher, it is a free RPG game that you can play in your web browser, on your desktop or mobile device. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't done so.

With the release of Diablo 2:Resurrected we saw an explosion of activity shattering our online user record to over 30,000 simultaneous online users. This activity was responsible for over 6.2 million trade topics composed just shy of 21.5 million posts. With the announcement of patch 2.4 we have quite a bit to look forward to such as Ladder Rank Play, Class Balance Changes, Mercenary Changes & New Rune Words! You can find all the details in the announcement here: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo2/23746135/diablo-ii-resurrected-patch-2-4-highlights-coming-soon. Here are the official ptr patch notes if you're interested: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo2/23765907/diablo-ii-resurrected-patch-2-4-balance-ptr We have been told to expect the first ever Ladder Rank play to start early in 2022 and are very excited!

With the trading brought to us from Diablo 2:Resurrected we are happy to announce a complete rewrite and launch of our free, safe and secure trade mediation service. We have been able to get the wait times down to an average of one minute from request to first contact. This would have never been possible without the amazing support of our staff and mediators. We thank you for all of your continued help in keeping trades safe and secure. If you haven't yet used our free mediation service we highly encourage you to check it out. It's as simple as one click at the top of your trade topic to ensure fast, safe and secure trades. There is some more information on this free service in the site article: How To Request A Mediator And Prevent Scams.

As promised here is a full list of all changes since the last update:

Public Changes [Sep 1 2021 - Feb 7 2022]:
  • Updated Viewing a Posts and Photo Gallery Images to the new style (Sep 1 2021)
  • Signatures in Posts will no longer take up any space if they are empty or not shown (Sep 1 2021)
  • Updated some text on the suspended page (Sep 1 2021)
  • Cleaned up and removed guild charter background images that no longer load (Sep 1 2021)
  • Removed images from guild charters that no longer load (Sep 1 2021)
  • Hovering over "closed/gray" links will now show an alternate color for most styles (Sep 2 2021)
  • Updated Message Preview and New/Reply private message tabs to be titles instead (Sep 2 2021)
  • Moved the post # text and link from the left to the right on posts (Sep 2 2021)
  • Report Post is now labeled as Report on posts (Sep 2 2021)
  • Removed underlines on the right control element links in posts and photo gallery until mouseover (Sep 2 2021)
  • Updated the warning icon to use the new icon next to posts that were flagged as violations (Sep 2 2021)
  • Staff promotion: HereComesTheKraken Member -> Members++ (Sep 2 2021)
  • Slightly reduced the padding between the right controls when viewing posts (Sep 3 2021)
  • Updated the Topic Tag emoji to use a defined icon made by Sane (Sep 3 2021)
  • Changed inappropriate hidden post label color from "red" to "gray" (Sep 3 2021)
  • Updated and redesigned the header in the Warn Logs page (Sep 3 2021)
  • User Profile warn % is no longer shown if a user has 0% warning, and also removed the parenthesis around the number (Sep 3 2021)
  • Added new Price Check, FT, ISO, and Poll icons from Sane (Sep 4 2021)
  • Added new edit icon from Sane and applied to various locations (Sep 4 2021)
  • Edit icon for profile Status now has a proper hover cursor (Sep 4 2021)
  • Updated the The Private Message System and its Features help document to reflect the moving of the User Search tool (Sep 4 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Atari- Member -> Members++ (Sep 5 2021)
  • Added new Diablo 2:Resurrected Trade forums: D2:R Softcore Trading, D2:R Hardcore Trading, D2:R Classic Trading, D2:R Console Trading (Sep 6 2021)
  • Updated the following pages to use the new edit icon: Donate For Me, Guild Charter/Topics/Polls, Photo Gallery Images, Donate Tool, Profile Blogs/Friends/Games/Ladder Slasher/Notes/Signature (Sep 6 2021)
  • Profile URLs will now auto update to the id when using a name lookup (Sep 6 2021)
  • Updated and redesigned the d2jsp Notifier message (Sep 7 2021)
  • Increased flood control times as warning level increases, or if gold is locked (Sep 7 2021)
  • Locked users can now use the Path of Exile trading forums to trade to repay their scams (Sep 7 2021)
  • Post parsing will no longer generate a redundant URL=URL code when the displayed text is the actual URL (Sep 8 2021)
  • Redesigned and updated the Guild Ranks page (Sep 8 2021)
  • Updated and redesigned the Edit Guild Topic page (Sep 8 2021)
  • More markup cleanups to the Edit Guild Topic page (Sep 9 2021)
  • Fixed a bug where if you deleted the last post in a Guild Topic, it would not clear out the last poster information on the topic list (Sep 9 2021)
  • Added a new feature when editing a Guild Topic that allows you to delete all the posts within that topic (Sep 9 2021)
  • Softcore Ladder Slasher reset by Andrea94 (Sep 9 2021)
  • Updated Edit Guild Poll page to use more of the new form styling (Sep 10 2021)
  • Added an open timer to the D2:Resurrected trading forums (Sep 19 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: imapkeryo (Sep 20 2021)
  • Updated the Gone but not forgotten display for users that have passed away to fix some display issues (Sep 21 2021)
  • Updated the "users browsing forum" text to be less redundant and correspond better with users browsing a topic (Sep 21 2021)
  • Moved Forum Track link to the bottom of the page (Sep 21 2021)
  • Redesigned Forum Topic List views to remove tabs, and place filters in a pager (Sep 21 2021)
  • Added Tags that allow filtering by tag to the Forum Topic List header pager filter list where applicable (Sep 21 2021)
  • Updated the Service icon to be more blue rather than green (Sep 21 2021)
  • Made information more clear on the Suspended page (Sep 21 2021)
  • Removed some no longer used CSS from forum views (Sep 22 2021)
  • Reordered D2 Subforums in the Diablo II category (Sep 22 2021)
  • Renamed Diablo II -> Trading Grounds to Legacy Trading (Sep 22 2021)
  • Updated the countdown timer in the D2:Resurrected trading forums to use the proper timezone (Sep 22 2021)
  • Reverted Legacy Trading to Trading Grounds (Sep 23 2021)
  • Fixed a bug on the main www.d2jsp.org page that did not show the Top 50 Customers as a grid on some styles (Sep 23 2021)
  • Streamlined part of the manual account recovery process (Sep 23 2021)
  • Cleaned up and reworded some elements on the Set New Account Password page when resetting an account password (Sep 23 2021)
  • Staff promotion: MikeG99 Trade Moderator -> Moderator (Sep 23 2021)
  • Moved the Diablo 2 Resurrected discussion to it's own discussion subforum (Sep 25 2021)
  • New FG purchase customers no longer need 15 posts to use images (Sep 26 2021)
  • Added an account recovery warning to the top of the Contact page (Sep 27 2021)
  • Updated the recovery page to have a direct option to reset the account password (Sep 27 2021)
  • Added a new "not receiving email" button to the password recovery page (Sep 27 2021)
  • Created a new verification system for customers (Sep 27 2021)
  • Fixed an issue where certain topics could not be created in the D2:R Discussion forum (Sep 28 2021)
  • More improvements and bug fixes to the new verification system (Sep 29 2021)
  • Fixed another bug misclassifying the D2:R Discussion forum as a trading forum (Sep 30 2021)
  • Updated Profile Games List to include Diablo II:Resurrected as the default choice. Also reworded some of the placeholder hints. (Sep 30 2021)
  • Text search flood control lowered from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (Oct 1 2021)
  • If applicable, topic tags will now display when text searching a forum (Oct 1 2021)
  • Created an entirely new Account Recovery landing page to help direct people to the appropriate recovery option available (Oct 4 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Moojilsuh Retired Moderator -> Moderator (Oct 6 2021)
  • Created archive forums for D2:Resurrected trading subforums, and put Softcore on a 7 day auto archive (Oct 7 2021)
  • Added user search option for D2:R archive post searching (Oct 7 2021)
  • Added a limit search to the Scammer Accusation section. Topics older than a few months or closed topics will not show up in the results. (Oct 7 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Yakir Retired Moderator -> Trade Moderator (Oct 7 2021)
  • When making a Scammer Accusation, a drop down list of recent contacted users will now display to assist in reporting (Oct 8 2021)
  • Removed "d2jsp - " prefix from the PM box and all sub page titles (Oct 10 2021)
  • New rewrite and overhaul to the Request Mediator system implemented and live. The new system is only for D2:R at this point in time (Oct 12 2021)
  • More tweaks and improvements to the new Mediation system (Oct 13 2021)
  • Updated the Diablo III > Trading Market > Consoles tags from "Nintendo Switch" -> "Switch" (Oct 14 2021)
  • Mediation requests in the Diablo II > Diablo 2:Resurrected > D2:R Console Trading so it now properly asks for Friend Code(Switch), PSN(Playstation) and Gamertag(Xbox) (Oct 14 2021)
  • Added new HC tags for each console in the D2:R Consoles trading sub forum (Oct 15 2021)
  • Added a warning message when posting in the original Diablo II or Diablo III trading forums that they are not the Diablo II: Resurrected section (Oct 16 2021)
  • Added a search option to General Help (Oct 18 2021)
  • Searching General Help and Scammer Accusations now search all posts from the last 365 days (Oct 18 2021)
  • Fixed a bug where search results would not show up under some conditions (Oct 18 2021)
  • Added D2:R trading as a search category for paid user searches (Oct 18 2021)
  • Legacy Hardcore West, East, Europe subforums merged into a single Hardcore forum (Oct 19 2021)
  • Legacy Classic West, East, Europe subforums merged into a single Classic subforum (Oct 19 2021)
  • Fixed an issue where archived gold messages as csv would line wrap (Oct 20 2021)
  • Renamed the Trading Market to Diablo 3 (Oct 21 2021)
  • Amalgamated old Diablo 3 discussion forums(D3 Trophy Room, Strategy & Guides, Hardcore) into D3 Discussion (Oct 21 2021)
  • Added "Tags" to the following forums (Oct 21 2021)

  • Created D3 Softcore Trading, amalgamated old Diablo 3 softcore forums in to this new forum and added Tags: Americas, Europe, Asia (Oct 21 2021)
  • Created D3 Softcore Season Trading, amalgamated old Diablo 3 softcore seasons forums in to this new forum and added Tags: Americas, Europe, Asia (Oct 21 2021)
  • Split out the old D2:R Console Trading forum into 3 new forums: D2:R Switch Trading, D2:R Xbox Trading and D2:R Playstation Trading (Oct 21 2021)
  • The Trade Mediation # gold logs are now clickable links that take you to the mediation where you can view it at any point to see the history of your trade (Oct 27 2021)
  • Created a new archive sub D2:R Hardcore 2021+ and archived old topics (Nov 1 2021)
  • Registering will no longer strip bad characters from emails, it will now error informing the user to fix the errors (Nov 1 2021)
  • In post search results, images and videos will now render at a proper max width on smaller width devices (Nov 1 2021)
  • Viewing Previous Hourly Raffle drawings will now show the winners for that drawing (Nov 2 2021)
  • Staff promotion: ConDiTioNaL Retired Moderator -> Members++ (Nov 8 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: Showtek (Nov 8 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: Definite (Nov 8 2021)
  • Text searching post results redesigned and updated. By default, posts will truncate long content, but you can click the post itself to view the entire post (Nov 12 2021)
  • When text searching, keyword highlighting should work much better, and it also scrolls the matches into view. (Nov 12 2021)
  • Viewing a user's recent topics is now properly sorted by most recent first (Nov 15 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: 037 (Nov 15 2021)
  • Staff promotion: RatM Member -> Members++ (Nov 18 2021)
  • Updated the View Recent Posts tool in users profiles to match the new display style (Nov 18 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Ryans Retired Moderator -> Members++ (Nov 19 2021)
  • Staff retirement: Lynerau Trade Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Nov 24 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Holy-Martyr Retired Moderator -> Senior Moderator (Nov 26 2021)
  • You can now untrack a topic you are currently tracking by clicking the Track Topic link within the topic, then selected Untrack Topic. (Nov 26 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: R3MY (Nov 29 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: 0me (Nov 29 2021)
  • New Trusted Member: Andrea94 (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Chetty Moderator -> Senior Moderator (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Beacon Moderator -> Senior Moderator (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: eerock Trade Moderator -> Moderator (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Atari- Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Udsuna Trade Assistant -> Junior Moderator (Nov 29 2021)
  • Staff promotion: dj_cj Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Nov 29 2021)
  • The "Purchase Another Profile Friend Slot" box will now be hidden when you search your friends or click on a notification about an update to your friends list (Dec 6 2021)
  • Staff promotion: BulldogAviator Member -> Members++ (Dec 6 2021)
  • Updated the RLT search page to use the new display style (Dec 7 2021)
  • Updated all page titles to remove extraneous "d2jsp - " prefix (Dec 8 2021)
  • All pages now have a suffix of " - d2jsp" (Dec 8 2021)
  • Updated quick PM in topics to remove the new title suffix properly (Dec 8 2021)
  • All styles now use the same font sizing (Dec 8 2021)
  • Staff retirement: bunykins Members++ -> Retired Moderator (Dec 8 2021)
  • Softcore Ladder Slasher reset by Carny (Dec 8 2021)
  • Archived posts in the D3 Softcore Season Trading forum in preparation for Season 25 (Dec 9 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Tears Member -> Members++ (Dec 9 2021)
  • Updated the Buy Gold page to be more clear which option is selected (Dec 10 2021)
  • Staff retirement: Markos. Junior Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Dec 13 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Tandfen Trade Moderator -> Moderator (Dec 13 2021)
  • Staff retirement: icecool Junior Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Dec 15 2021)
  • Softcore Ladder Slasher reset by bdan (Dec 16 2021)
  • Staff promotion: Linkin Trade Assistant -> Trade Moderator (Dec 19 2021)
  • Staff retirement: staking Members++ -> Member (Dec 22 2021)
  • When managing friends, the duplicate action error message now shows as a properly formatted error message, with a proper page title. (Dec 30 2021)
  • On a user's recent posts page, you can now navigate directly to the last page of posts (Dec 31 2021)
  • Added new forum: Lost Ark (Jan 10 2022)
  • Staff promotion: ConDiTioNaL Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Jan 10 2022)
  • Staff promotion: Kafir Retired Moderator -> Junior Moderator (Jan 10 2022)
  • Time since first purchase will now show up on the verify page as per this suggestion (Jan 13 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: ImCam (Jan 13 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: Expanse (Jan 13 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: Selet (Jan 13 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: Chillax (Jan 17 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: IboOne (Jan 17 2022)
  • New Trusted Member: Sn0 (Jan 17 2022)
  • Staff promotion: 037 Member -> Members++ (Jan 18 2022)
  • Staff promotion: Apo720 Member -> Members++ (Jan 20 2022)
  • Staff promotion: Showtek Member -> Members++ (Jan 20 2022)
  • Staff promotion: bobdave Retired Moderator -> Members++ (Jan 24 2022)
  • Softcore Ladder Slasher reset by derAmigo (Jan 29 2022)
  • Posting rights adjusted for the Political & Religious Debate subforum to only allow users with 0% warning (Jan 30 2022)
  • Archived posts in the Softcore Scourge Trading and Hardcore Scourge Trading forums in preparation for the new Path of Exile Archnemesis league (Feb 4 2022)
  • Editing the first post in a trade topic now also updates the search cache for your post and topic instantly (Feb 4 2022)
  • Valid bumps to trade topics will now also bump them in the search results! (Feb 4 2022)
    • This only applies to bumps made after this update went live
    • At present, they will show in the first page(s), but not necessarily sorted to the top

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here: https://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=85533608&f=28

We are excited for all the new features we have planned to release for our growing community, check back in a few months to see what's new!
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