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Sep 17 2018 11:49am
Hello everyone!

Quite a bit of effort this past month has gone into the second re-write for Ladder Slasher which includes new content. If you haven't tried the game yet you should check it out: Play Ladder Slasher. For those new players out there be sure to check the Ladder Slasher forums as there are quite a few resources at your disposal.

Our moderation team has grown quite a bit this month also. We welcomed back David, promoted Zach and added three new team members Joe, Rich and Kaj.

We are always looking for new and fresh ideas to implement so don't hesitate and make a suggestion, we frequently check this forum and appreciate the effort you put in when making suggestions.

Here is a full list of the changes and updates applied since August 1st:

Public Changes [Aug 1 - Sep 15]:
  • Added navigation breadcrumbs to the Help pages (Aug 1 2018)
  • Opened the Race Event Trading forum for the new race event: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2187588 (Aug 4 2018)
  • We are now allowing ISO topics in all blizzard trading forums for giftable items from the battle.net store with the exception of legacy games: d2, d2:lod, wc3, wc3:tft (Aug 4 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: OverDoSex (Aug 6 2018)
  • Updated incorrect translation in profiles for Online/Offline status with the SlovenĨina language as described here (Aug 16 2018)
  • Completed another major server re-write for Ladder Slasher (v1.30.6) and released with updates and new content (Aug 19 2018)
  • Changed the security code font for login (and other places) to be easier to see the difference between a 1 and a 7 (Aug 24 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where subscribing to topics/forums might expire after 90 days instead of 180 or 365 days (Aug 24 2018)
  • Updated the d2jsp Trading Rules to remove all references to "My Events" (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff promotion: BlindzF Retired Moderator -> Moderator (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff retirement: Panjer Trade Moderator -> Retired Moderator (Aug 27 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Xaysia Member -> Members++ (Aug 27 2018)
  • Removed defunct Guild Rank feature to toggle warn % view on Guild Member List (Aug 30 2018)
  • Updated all display styles to have a max-width for display sizes greater than 1080p (eg, 2k/4k/5k, UHD) (Sep 6 2018)
  • Staff promotion: OverDoSex Member -> Members++ (Sep 6 2018)
  • Staff promotion: 71_Demon Member -> Members++ (Sep 6 2018)
  • Fixed push notifications in Firefox so they now work again (Sep 10 2018)
  • Rewrote the color selector for Orb Settings and Profile Settings to be much cleaner and more logically arranged (Sep 11 2018)
  • Renamed heading for Edit Ranks for Guilds to Edit All Ranks for more clarity on functionality (Sep 13 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: ViperPrism (Sep 13 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Kayak Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Sep 13 2018)
  • Added new Guild Rank Right for Editing Own Name and functionality (Sep 14 2018)
  • Made more Guild Action warning/errors show a more standard error message (Sep 14 2018)
  • Added proper button spacing on Confirm Leave Guild page (Sep 14 2018)

We have some new features that are nearing completion so look out for them in the coming weeks.

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
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