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#1 Aug 19 2018 03:21pm
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Hi All!

Another complete rewrite of the core, and more features added. We had some initial pains at release, but most of them should be worked out now. I'll continue to monitor and fix things as needed. Thanks to all who helped test and report bugs.

v1.30.5 and v1.30.6 release notes:
  • Vault Expand Box forum gold amount is now updated properly when renewing a vault subscription (Aug 1 2018)
  • Fixed Sneaky objective bug where certain physical defense buff monsters would let you do physical damage while the buff was activated (Aug 1 2018)
  • Boss mobs spawned as Kangarel will no longer flee (Aug 10 2018)
  • Attack speed calculations based upon stats should be fixed (Aug 10 2018)
  • Treasure chests now have a chance to spawn higher tiers than your level (Aug 10 2018)
  • Tweaked the requirements for the Stop the Seven Shamans objective to spawn (Aug 11 2018)
  • Using items now works off your attack timer delay. Example: Cannot eat fish while paralyzed. (Aug 12 2018)
  • Using an item on someone else is now based on your attack timer, not the other players (Aug 12 2018)
  • All starting (feeder) classes now have one less door at the Master Quest (Aug 13 2018)
  • Client: Fixed a bug where under some conditions using a map would error and get stuck on the cursor. It now properly displays the error message associated with the action. (Aug 14 2018)
  • All skills can now earn more proficiency per attempt (Aug 13 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where stacking items with Enhanced Effect did not properly average the amount of the two items (Aug 14 2018)
  • All players in a group will now receive credit and rewards for completing objectives regardless of where they are located (Aug 15 2018)
  • Fixed a bug that made Ambush! unspawnable (Aug 15 2018)
  • Added Enigmatic Emblems
    • These mysterious objects appear in the catacombs. When activated, they will bestow upon your group mysterious and random effects.
    • At present, only one effect is implemented, but many more are planned for future updates.

  • Experience gain for solo and 2 person groups has been greatly improved (Aug 16 2018)
  • Removed incremental hidden class experience penalty for Samurai and above (Aug 16 2018)
  • Master Quest level for Samurai and above is now +2 per class. Samurai is level 73, Alchemist is level 85. This ratio matches the old hidden experience penalty. (Aug 16 2018)
  • Proficiency penalty on death is now working again (Aug 17 2018)
  • Client: Numerous CSS fixes (Aug 17 2018)
  • Client: Temporary popup optimizations made (damage, text, etc) (Aug 17 2018)
  • Enigmatic Emblems should be a bit more stable on the client side now (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed monster positioning of monsters that teleport, move, or swap positions (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed a life steal rounding calculation error (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes stack two glyphs with the same stat(s) (Aug 20 2018)
  • Fixed two vault bugs with incorrect date/day times when reopening a vault or guild vault (Aug 24 2018)
  • Fixed a rare bug where spawning in a corner of a map with four corners activated would crash the server (Aug 25 2018)
  • Vault Expand Box forum gold amount is now updated properly when renewing a vault subscription -- fixed again in second rewrite (Aug 27 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where a vault item count could get out of sync when transferring to a guild member's vault (Aug 28 2018)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Tier 14 items from dropping (Aug 29 2018)

Some bug fixes:
  • Mobs can no longer spawn lower than the starting spawned level of the maze (Apr 18 2019)
  • Users can no longer use Ladder Slasher while under suspension (Apr 18 2019)
  • Reverted mob spawning level to be tied to the group leader (Apr 19 2019)
  • Fixed an issue where map drops might be incorrectly calculated based upon the difficulty of the catacomb explored (Apr 19 2019)
#2 Sep 28 2019 06:07am
Group: Admin
Posts: 23,303
Joined: Sep 24 2002
Gold: 75,486.37
Trader: Trusted
  • New Event possibility: +Evil Well Longevity (Sep 16 2019)
  • Changed fishing rods to not break when you disconnect, but instead just abort the fishing (Sep 27 2019)
  • Changed fishing failure to decrease durability on a rod (if applicable), and break if durability is <= 0 (Sep 27 2019)
  • New Event possibility: More Enigmatic Emblems (Sep 28 2019)
  • Trapdoor events should no longer spawn conflicting values (Nov 11 2019)
  • New Event possibility: + Magic Luck Effectiveness (Nov 18 2019)
  • Ladder Slasher: Fixed a rare condition where random event mods could be rolled more than once (Jan 13 2019)

Thanks to ^NR1 for helping test!
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