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#171 Jul 20 2019 05:18pm
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Sold Final Fight Streetwise for $20
Sold DJ Hero (Factory Sealed) for $1
Sold a clear green PS1 controller for $1

Profit: $1234/$1225/$9
#172 Jul 20 2019 05:30pm
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Picked up a couple games:

Elebits Wii

Got it at Half-Priced Books for $2

I've seen this game for sale a few times for ~$5
It's not an expensive game, but a nice pickup for $2

It's an early Wii game that does a lot to show what motion control games could be.
It used the Wii hardware so well! I'm always happy to pickup a game that shows off the Wii.

It's a weird game.
Has a similar style to Pikmin maybe, but definitely more childish.
You use the motion control to find elebits, little creatures that have electrical power.
You use the wii mote to look through a room, shaking objects and knocking them around to find them.

It's not a great game, but a unique one for sure!

Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge

It is fun to play a gameboy game from time to time.
Even with graphical limitations, they can be just as fun as a NES game.

Castlevania 2 is considered one of the best of the classic Castlevania games.
And it usually considered as one of the best original Gameboy titles.
I like Castlevania games, but I tend to not like the ones before Castlevania IV.

I got this at my local game store for $10.
It's a great price, usually goes for $25-$30.
It's in great shape too, looks almost brand new!

Profit: $1234/$1237/-$3
#173 Jul 25 2019 12:58pm
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Picked up a PS4 controller from Goodwill for $10.

Pretty cool pickup. I generally avoid controllers and hardware though.
I sell most of this stuff online and don’t like to ship anything larger than a DVD case.
But my local game store gives great trade in value for them.

Traded it in for a couple GameBoy games:

Mega Man Xtreme GameBoy Color
Mega Man Dr. Wily’s Revenge GameBoy
Megan Man III GameBoy

A nice little lot of games.
I am a fan of the Mega Man series but I just picked these up to try to bundle to sell.
Mega Man games have been ported in collections a million times, so I don’t feel the need to hang on to them.
I’ll mess around with them a little bit and have some fun first though :)

Profit: $1234/$1247/-$13

#174 Jul 30 2019 01:58pm
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I live in a college town and everyone is always moving out this time of year.
Went to a going away party the other day with a giveaway pile about to be sent to goodwill..
Grabbed a couple video game things:

Ninja Gaiden 2 Xbox 360

And a 360 Controller

The controller is beat to hell but free is free!
Always happy to pick up controllers to trade in for store credit.

I don't know anything about the Ninja Gaiden game.. maybe I can sell it for ~$10??

I traded in the controller and Time Crisis 4 to get something more interesting:

Sword of Vermillion Sega Gensis:

This is generally considered a mediocre RPG but I am curious to check it out.
I recently beat Shining Force on the Sega Smash Pack collection for Dreamcast and have been wanting to try out more Genesis RPGs

I don't collect much for the Genesis, but this is a fine game to add to my collection!

Profit: $1234/$1247/-$13
#175 Aug 3 2019 03:16pm
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Went to a Flea Market today.. found a few good things:

Simpson's Hit and Run PS2
Crash Nitro Kart PS2

Some good but common PS2 games.

I had Simpson's Hit and Run when I was a kid.
It is kind of like a Simpson's take on Grand Theft Auto.
As a huge Simpsons nerd, this game has a soft spot in my heart.
It was amazing as a kid to run through the world of Springfield.
But I don't have a PS2 so I won't be keeping it, hah.

I haven't played Crash Nitro Kart before but I had Crash Team Racing back in the day.
I imagine it's just more of the same but with updated graphics.
Kart racing games are always fun :)

Mortal Kombat Deception Gamecube
Epic Mickey Wii

Mortal Kombat Deception is the gem of the lot.
It's a unique expansion on the classic Mortal Kombat games.
Of course there is 2D fighting, but also a "Konquest adventure" open world mode with RPG elements.
Plus a MK chess minigame and MK tetris attack minigame.
Midway was really hitting its stride in the Gamecube era.

This copy is complete but the disc is in rough shape :(
I'll have to get it resurfaced. But it was too cheap to pass up.

I remember hearing a lot of buzz about Epic Mickey when it was released.
I've never played it, but I've always been curious about it.
It's a Disney platformer/action adventure game.
From what I've seen, the art design is amazing.

It's not valuable or uncommon.
I see it around for ~$5 from time to time passed it up.
This copy was $1 I think it is definitely worth that price! ha.
Excited to give it a try. :)

Super Mario World SNES
Tetris Gameboy

I was really surprised to see a SNES game at a flea market for a decent price.
Not that Super Mario World is particularly valuable, but re-sellers at flea marts charge a premium for SNES games.

Man, Super Mario World is up there as one of the best games ever made.
I've played through it so many times though, I don't feel the need to hang on to a copy.
Besides, it has been re-released on so many platforms that it is easy to play elsewhere.

Don't know why I picked up Tetris lol
It's just such an iconic game and I don't own the original Gameboy version.
It is a crusty copy but dirt cheap.
I am fine to hang on to filler Gameboy games, they take up no space at all!

Got these 6 games for $13.
Pretty sweet deal! :)

Profit: $1234/$1260/-$26

#176 Aug 5 2019 04:19pm
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Sold Mega Man, Mega Man III, and Mega Man Xtreme for $30
Sold Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge for $20

Profit: $1284/$1260/$24
#177 Aug 5 2019 04:44pm
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Picked up a Dreamcast lot online for $85:

Unreal Tournament

Unreal tournament lives in infamy as one of the earliest online shooters to focus on competitive multiplayer action.
While the releases on the Dreamcast and PS2 were a little limited, releasing it on the Dreamcast makes a lot of sense!
For one, it was the first console to feature online service across multiple games.
While it suffers by having a controller with one analog stick, it supports the DC mouse and keyboard.

I didn't play Unreal Tournament in its hayday so I have no nostalgia for it.
But it is a cool novelty for some local co-op, hah.

Starlancer is an arcade sci-fi flight sim game.
I don't have much experience with these types of games.
Starlancer is supposed to be a good one though..
I hear there are private servers still up and running to this day!

I'm not a fan of the marvel and DC universes, but Spiderman is kind of an exception.
This game pre-dates the Toby McGuire movies and is one of the rare Spiderman games to not follow a movie plot.
I saw a friend play the PS1 version as a kid, but I don't remember much.
It has kept its value though so maybe it is worth a play through?

Tom Clancy's Rogue Spear

I have been looking for a good deal on Shenmue for a while.
A game that really defines the Dreamcast..

Very ambitious game, but a commercial flop.
It's one of the first open world games and seemed impossibly huge for its day.
Although by today's standards it is incredibly limited, it's a game that really shows off what the Dreamcast was capable of.
It cost a fortune to develop.. I hear that it needed every person who owned a system to buy a copy just to break even lol
Very happy to finally have it and I will play through it very soon :)

I have no real interest in Rogue Spear lol
But I'll hang on to a complete copy, why not?

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
Star Wars Jedi Power Battles
Dead or Alive 2 case artwork

Some random disc only games with the exception of Marvel Vs Capcom.
One of the greatest arcade fighters ever made and a decently valuable game.

I already have a copy of it and will resell all these disc only games to try to recoup some money.
Dead or Alive 2 case is also a random throw in but whatever!

At $85, I'm very happy with this lot :)

Profit: $1284/$1345/-$61
#178 Aug 8 2019 06:47am
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Sold Ninja Gaiden 2 for $10

Sold Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Rainbow Six, and Jedi Power Battles as a lot for $60

Sold Dead or Alive 2 case for $5

Profit: $1359/$1345/$14

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#179 Aug 10 2019 10:16am
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Quote (MrDestroyer @ Apr 20 2018 10:32pm)
There was a promo at a local game store that added an extra 25% credit to trade-ins.
Decided to part ways with my lot of SNES mario games (Super Mario World, Mario All-stars, and Super Mario Kart)
I love SNES games, but so many of them are overpriced. I got this Mario lot for $8 and they haven't left my shelf since I picked them up.
Between virtual console and re-releases there are so many alternatives to play these titles. Not to mention I've played through these games multiple times over the years lol

I impulsively traded them in to pick up some new stuff #no regrets.

Here is what I picked up:

Lost in Shadow for Nintendo Wii
Sin and Punishment Star Successory for Nintendo Wii


Lost in Shadow is a really cool platformer. Your shadow has been cut off from the hero (your shadow is your soul apparently?) and you have to make your way up a tower in hopes of reconnecting with the hero.
Really creative spin on the traditional platforming game. You interact with the fore-ground to change the shadows in the background to make your way through the game.


Not a common title but definitely worth checking out.

Sin and Punishment is probably the best game on the Wii. It uses the motion controls so well! It's an on-rail shooter where you can dodge projectiles while using the Wiimote to shoot enemies. Fast paced action, fun game play.
Really, really love this game but never owned it. It is the sequel to an N64 game that never made its wy state-side. It was on the Wii virtual console though which has now gone offline.. I hope you got the chance to play it :)

Tactics Ogre the Knight of Lodis for Gameboy Advance
Kirby: the Amazing Mirror for Gameboy Advance


Loved Tactics Ogre on PS1; GBA version is more of the same. Tactical RPG, manipulate your troops across a map in a similar way to Final Fantasy Tactics or the Fire Emblem series. Perfect for the GBA platform.

I'm kind of meh on Kirby: The Amazing Mirror. Loved Kirby games as a kid (especially Kirby's Dreamland on Gameboy). These games are just a little too easy and get boring for me.
It was fun to play through for a couple hours but I doubt I will get all the way through.

Profit: $423/$423/$0

Nice topic but unfortunately both two GBA games are bootlegs.
#180 Aug 11 2019 09:44am
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Quote (Lasagnacat @ Aug 10 2019 12:16pm)
Nice topic but unfortunately both two GBA games are bootlegs.

Thanks! :)

What makes you think they are bootleg?
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