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Mar 21 2023 11:27am
"D2R is near perfect"

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Mar 21 2023 11:46am
D2 near perfect? Fucking boomers

I’m playing every d2 reset since ever and is the same shit over and over again, and people also get bored after the first week or so because there is nothing to do except making FG.

D2 is far away from perfection, only nostalgic boomers will miss it, like old days, you always miss old days regardless of whether they are good or not.

Running chaos and baals? Nah thanks , awesome endgame. Awesome itemization that everyone is running enigma or hoto ir COH etc, come on

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Mar 21 2023 11:57am
Quote (Hardcow @ Mar 21 2023 11:56am)
one month? I think that currently it does not give for more than 1 week. sadly

I play like 5 hours a week if I’m lucky. Real life priorities> games.
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Mar 21 2023 11:57am
Quote (Leul @ 21 Mar 2023 17:00)
This thread will probably go on for sometime.

We saw it happen with D3 and D4 appears hardly any different. Within 5 years the majority of the D4 player base will go back to D2R.

D2R is near perfect and with continued updates it will remain the champion of the series.

Prove me wrong.

Its year 2023.
It is not 1997 or 2000 and this game will not be played 23 years like Diablo 2 was..
This time is gone and World Changed.
Diablo2 was the only one and will stay forever.

Why do you think that in 2030 there will be Mouse+Keyboard games and such games like d2r played?
There will be completely next gen gaming systems and games.

Something like d2r will be dead quicker than d4 or any like game..
D2r life is given for next ~2-5 years till hype of 30 years old players of original d2 will be gone and next gen kids will play Next Gen Gaming systems.

The main bad thing on D2r is,
that there is not even Physical Disc with Case or Box copy..its just blizzards digital content..

So you cant have it in your Bookshelf with the rest of Diablo games collection as memory since 1997 D1 CDs....

Diablo IV has atleast physical Disc for collection,
its next Diablo game for collection and not only digital game/content of blizzard like D2r clone/update of D2Lod.
And it will brings new Story, New Game to play so ofcourse
everyone will play it to acomplish another diablo game done.

Time of 20+years trading hoarding pixels and Boting is gone thats why blizzard is doing what is doing since D3...
Every year is technology moving and moving, especially gaming.

2043 and D2r isnt real...even in 2030..same with DIV probably..
2000-2023 D2 became real and will stay forever :) because world was different and its the past now.
Good memories, good childhood since D1 ;)

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Mar 21 2023 12:18pm
D4 will be dead in a year and its not even arpg genre, no core elements of arpg in it, so i would call that game World of Diablo thats much better name. WoD
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Mar 21 2023 12:25pm
Two totally different games. Diablo 4 feels more like how world of Warcraft felt for me when I first played it but not as cartoonish. Let d2r be it’s own thing, nostalgic. Give it minor updates throughout the years.

Also Diablo 4 beta felt like I just beat the game and it was only act1 lol
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Mar 21 2023 12:26pm
D4 is nothing like d3, I just loaded up d3 to have a look
It’s waaaaay different

D4 = d2 + diablo immortal

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Mar 21 2023 12:34pm
Is why I still find JSP funny after all these years, most will play, it will have a very healthy player base for sometime, then either it drops off for a bit and then picks up for an expansion.

Either way comparing apples and apples here, two different games but same in some, enjoy each for what they are, u won’t ever get a Diablo game like D2R there isn’t the numbers to make it profitable.

This game will attract a lot of new players who like MMO’s but aren’t HC enough to raid but also those who love ARPG’s.

It took D3 a while to lose its numbers, and blizzard still made money on ROS.

They not daft and will still keep making game most of us play regardless of people moaning on here or not.
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Mar 21 2023 01:02pm
Quote (MoneyTreez @ Mar 21 2023 06:18pm)
I think a lot of people have misconceptions about what legendaries are for. I believe main purpose of legendaries is for temporary gear upgrade, and for taking the aspects within them. It probably has higher drop rate due to having different rolls on the aspects and the ability to remove them to add it into rares. So you will always be in search of either perfect roll or a better one. You can trade the aspects of the legendaries with other players.

The game has uniques and is far more rare than legendaries. Some example i have seen is like the butcher's cleaver.

I think you have an optimistic vision about rares items. If legendaries existing only to extract their leg mods to put into rarws, so why make them an equipment piece? Just make an item that is only a legendary mod to put in another item.
I'm really worried about that endgame legendaries will be the very BIS of this game. With uniques too.
Rares are just a transitional items, I think.
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Mar 21 2023 01:03pm
D2R pay to win

D4 Grind to win
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