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How to Get or Change a Star Behind Your Name
One of the most desired account features is the ability to place different stars next to your name. These stars are given as the result of donations and purchases made to the site.

There are different ways of getting a donor star to appear beside your name. These are listed below:

Once you have completed any of the above methods, you can check the status of your stars by clicking the Settings link in the top menu.

Then click the Star button in the menu. Note: this menu option will only appear once you have completed one of the above methods.

Once you are viewing the Change Star Settings page, you can view a list of available stars and select the options you have gained access to.

For each star there is a certain purchase threshold you must reach before it will be unlocked. Once a star is unlocked, you can switch your star settings at any time to use any of your unlocked stars.
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