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Poll > Change The Colour Of "request Mediator"
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Junior Moderator
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Nov 19 2022 05:05am

this suggestion is to promote the Mediation system further!

Suggestion: Change the colour of the "Request Mediator" button at the top of a trading topic from black (or from what it is now) to mach the colour of the Mediator Tag. Using the standard site display style (and many others), this would turn "Request Mediator" into "Request Mediator".

I believe that, while only being a minor change, this has the potential to create further awareness of the system, contribute to safe trading and prevent more scams:

Argument 1: Placed between "Amount of replies" and "Track Topic", the button does not particularly stand out. A different colour would enhance visibility. Topic creators and bidders would be more likely to spot the button and consider using a mediator their trades. For new users, this could be the first time they become aware of the existence of mediators and might feel inclined to learn about using their service.

Argument 2: By making it so that the colours of the trader tag and button match, there is less chance that "Mediator" will get confused with "Moderator", which I see happening from time to time. It would create a visual link between trade topic and trade facilitators. Also it would visibly differentiate the Request button from the Report button.

Argument 3: Being a minor change, implementing it will not affect the general, well-working trading procedures at all.

Argument 4: I am aware that the Mediator Tag appears black (or even white) when using certain display styles. If the colours match already, they can be kept. No need to overcomplicate this! This suggestion would make a difference for a great fraction of traders, so it's a step forward!

Thanks for considering this and adding a vote!


Some ad: In case you didn't know, there is a new, faster and partly automated Mediation system for D2:R trades (as can be found here: https://forums.d2jsp.org/info.php?p=11). As a consequence, the added time it may take when using a Mediator has come to an all-time low (in most cases, just very few minutes). Thus, the benefits of risk aversion heavily outweigh the benefits of a small time advantage. Please keep that in mind when trading and don't hesitate to request our service. We're there to assist!
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Nov 19 2022 05:11am
you have my vote
Junior Moderator
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Nov 19 2022 03:39pm
Update: This has been done and it looks really nice. Thanks!

I hope it will have a positive effect on trade safety and want to thank and who encouraged me that this is a useful idea that is worth posting. See you around!
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Nov 19 2022 08:09pm
It looks good nice add! thanks
Trade Moderator
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Nov 19 2022 08:14pm
I'm all yes for this, red or green would be great.
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Nov 19 2022 09:22pm
I'd prefer to keep mine black/bold, but voting Yes.
I guess green by default and have the option to go black/bold would be my preference.
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