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Jul 5 2021 08:20pm
Quote (r4f @ 5 Jul 2021 22:18)
Random thought I had when reading this...

A couple years back when I watched "Free Solo" for the first time, I was inspired and amazed at Alex's preparation, dedication, and athleticism.

One my coworkers took in the movie a bit differently. Of the entire documentary, she concluded with the thought that Alex was a sociopath.

I still till this day have no idea why that was the first thing that came to my coworker's head.

Takes one to know one
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Jul 6 2021 03:55am
Quote (JamieKYT @ Jun 7 2021 02:20pm)
First and last date that I’ve been on (through a dating app):
Guy tried to hug and kiss me despite saying no and pushing him away.
1/10 will not try again :cry:

guy dodged a bullet with you didn't he
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Jul 8 2021 01:57am
Quote (Greater @ Jul 5 2021 10:02pm)
A sociopath may also use “mind games” to control friends, family members, co-workers, and even strangers. They may also be perceived as charismatic or charming.

I mean, it literally is a game. It really only works to get laid but is not very good in finding a great partner. For that you have to be 100% authentic.

Nothing wrong with playing games to get laid. Women do the opposite to choose who they want to get laid. My ex wife showed me over 1k unread messages on Instagram alone before she decided to go private. If you don’t stand out you’ll stand alone.
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Jul 10 2021 03:27am
I found it's all based on randomness. I had tinder, hinge, bumble, okcupid, etc. Got matches on all of them. Hinge was the best for real conversations and seriousness.

Then, out of nowhere I matched with a girl on Tinder, and we just hit it off. Now we are in a great loving relationship and she is even vietnamese! :D

I was doing OLD for 3-4 months. Your time will come, make sure you are on multiple apps

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Jul 10 2021 09:02am
Quote (r4f @ Jul 6 2021 04:18am)
Random thought I had when reading this...

A couple years back when I watched "Free Solo" for the first time, I was inspired and amazed at Alex's preparation, dedication, and athleticism.

One my coworkers took in the movie a bit differently. Of the entire documentary, she concluded with the thought that Alex was a sociopath.

I still till this day have no idea why that was the first thing that came to my coworker's head.

Probably just envy
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Oct 1 2021 07:59pm
I only used okcupid.com because it was free. (tinder, bumble etc.. were not even around yet when i was dating)

the problem was that was every decent looking girl was getting 100000 messages every day, so that was the first hurdle to get over. getting a girl to actually read your message and respond.

I could say a lot more to this, but yes I had great success.
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Oct 24 2021 12:04am
Quote (Archer @ Jun 17 2021 01:34am)
I’m an average looking 28 year old BALD GUY and I’ve had a very successful “career” with dating apps if you can call it that. Started at around 24 after a long time relationship. Moderate income, okay car, nothing extraordinary.

It used to be a miserable experience, until I met one girl. She changed my life forever. Solid 9/10 social wise. I got horribly rejected by her in front of a BIG group. Two weeks later, I was plowing her in my bed. Two years later, we broke up. Throughout the relationship, I learned what I had done that made her fall for me at the time, and since we broke up when I was 26, I’ve got a disgusting amount of people under my belt now. It is well over 100 at this point. Ages range from 20 to 40s. 4 threesomes. One foursome.

I’ve got around 3k matches in the last two years on Tinder alone. This isn’t including bumble and okc/pof

Hire a photographer. Take really good pictures. That will get you the matches if you’re average looking. I took some of my own and my best friend (professional photographer) also contributed. This will get you in the door. This is literally the most important thing. It is worth spending a couple hundred on pictures especially if you’re putting in 95% less effort

I browse guys profiles sometimes and you have a lot of competition. I suggest you make a “girl” account to see what you’re up against. You have to stand out, however that may be. Also, don’t go crazy in your bio.

My bio is:

If you like bad boys, look no further.
I’m bad at nearly everything.

For me, I took up mma, do standup comedy, play music pretty well (now), do art, make content, etc. Standup will help you TREMENDOUSLY
This gets revealed throughout the conversations and you will become of higher value compared to 95% of the guys on the app. Most guys are absolutely boring. I have a lot of “girl” friends and they show me the shit they go through and how guys act. It’s kind of sad, but it also used to be me.

Learn game. It really is a science. If you don’t have confidence, go to the gym. Pick up a new hobby. Anything to better yourself and your own opinion of yourself. If you have confidence and actually portray it when you talk to them and meet them it will blow your mind how easy it actually is to get them to like you. If you don’t feel like researching that much, literally Google “shit test” and ready about it. Understanding that concept and being able to react to it will get you in bed with a girl.

Go to bars and embarrass yourself by talking to girls who you would (in your mind) never have a chance with. The experience goes a long away and you’d be surprised how lucky you can get sometimes.

A lot of the times within a few messages on the app I can get their number. Avoid Snapchat if you can.

I have tons of examples of my conversations of all types of situations/types of girls if anyone is interested. Some of them get sexual fairly quickly, while others are just humorous/casual to get them comfortable enough to meet me. It all depends on how girls are reacting in the moment.

The only downside to all this, is that I’m now looking for a wife, and that has proven to be a lot more difficult than I imagined. You kinda get really desensitized to connection if you choose to live this way.

I’m not on here often but shoot me a pm and I’ll get back to you.

Lol and this folks is exhibit #1. If you are actually looking for a wife, none of these things will really help.
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Oct 24 2021 11:05am
It's like getting a HR drop in d2
Could take thousands of hours
Requires lots of grinding and luck
Gearing up your IRL toon best as possible helps too :rofl:

Met mine on okcupid after 2 years of tinder hookups got boring following a 5 year relationship with the wrong person
Try some of the websites like okcupid if you're looking for something serious imo - there's a lot more of them - do some research
Just be honest and make yourself desirable
Western women want somebody who had a good job, clean house, strong sense of self, is independent and knows what they want
If you're lacking in the above things work on yourself first imo

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Oct 25 2021 03:46pm
I signed up for the paid version with elitesingles, didn't really use it that much, but when my subscription was expired, I found that they automatically renewed my subscription without telling me first (they had my visa info). Apparently their rationale was that they wanted us to have a "smooth" experience without interruptions or some such.

I did manage to get my money back, but the whole thing just left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I vowed to never use online dating again.

I also made a note in my calendar to check in 6 month's time to make sure they don't charge me again.

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Oct 31 2021 10:42pm
I was on tinder for 2 weeks in 2015. Matched with a handful of girls, chatted with a few of them, went one 1 date.

We got married in 2019 and are expecting our first child next month.

I know this isn't typical, but it happens!
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