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#11 Apr 20 2021 02:59am
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Quote (Oilerfan @ 20 Apr 2021 02:13)
That does seem neat, I question the damage output but if it stuns hard enough could be a moot point vs noobs. Imagine what'd it look like in D2R :o

I briefly tried destruction pb on kicksin so the idea has been in my head before, but it's not as useful since nn anymore stun on sin and stuff like wizzy/lacerator/fleshripper > for shield setups.

Yes it’s a bit slower :D but no need for mind blast and smite is unblockable

Tried it on a kicker too :P

And yes the dmg output isn’t very high and u defenitely won’t beat other smiters but it’s hilarious if u have sorcs and casters in a 10 sec stun animation until they die xD
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