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Mar 21 2021 09:51pm

We are coming up on 7 years now.

I'm further into my career, engaged, relocating to a different city(so stressful)
and things are still going good.

I still miss him and always will. I want to be able to call him for advice all the time, but I need to just put that to rest.

I've become very numb to the idea of death. I've lost some relatives recently and I feel like I handled it with a simple shrug.

Some may think it's cold to go about death this way. I think I've just become very comfortable with how inevitable it is.

I have distanced myself away from a lot of things. Old friends, churches and even some family members. I'm starting to realize that just because something was once good doesn't mean it can't grow into something toxic.

I still have my faith, but on a more personal level without others.

I just hope you all know that I still care for those that helped me through this.
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Mar 24 2021 09:48pm
May the memory of your father be eternal.
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May 11 2021 08:48pm
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May 13 2021 10:53am
Sending much love to you today. I relate to much of what you said, deaths and all.

Best wishes

Edit: I also lost my father. January 2018. He fought so hard for YEARS. The saddest part was how long he fought excruciating pain just because we all loved him so much and didnt want him to go, so he got a feeding tube, ate liquid meals for at least 6 months because he could no longer swallow (cancer in tongue and throat)
The best part was getting to spend time with him. I never truly accepted he was going to die (even though it was obvious). I will never stop missing him. I could keep going on but this isn't my post and it's not about me. Anyways man, be strong for your loved ones. Take care.

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