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Nov 15 2020 05:39am
Posting a suggestion about having the guild transfer being changed to show what people in guild having vault.
They will only appear on the guild transfer list if they have their vault open and not checked the "block incoming item transfers".
With so many people in guild needing items to do skillprofessions for transmuting, glyphing and others it would be easier to have a scroll list appearing when you click in the window there you normally type in the users itemID.
First two pictures show what i mean and what i would like to be implemented.
The third picture is maybe to much info to be added but i personally and some others can see it being usefull info. To know if someone is about to be full with items and you can let that person know about it or with the info you don't need to pick up certain items for that person since he about to get full vault.
*For clarification about the numbers in third picture, behind the persons name it's showing how many items that person currently have in their vault and how much their max is.

Feel free to vote and give opinions about this.

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Nov 15 2020 05:40am
I do like it.

I always struggle with the IDs when nic is not around :D

That list is even more jummy :drool:

This post was edited by 4ndr3as on Nov 15 2020 05:41am
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Nov 15 2020 05:42am
Yes please!
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Nov 15 2020 05:43am
Yes please :)
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Nov 15 2020 05:44am
yuppers to any (would even settle for a 3 fav numbers aswell just being saved)
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Nov 15 2020 06:00am
i mean, when you go to marketplace-> transfer you will see a full list of your chars.

when you go to vault-> transfer it should show a full ( or adjusteable) list of guildmembers. thats obvious and i always wondered why we struggle with IDs. Atleast that keeps out brain memory in check ?

i like the idea showing your Guildmates the useable vaultspace - for skillables, etc

voting yes

This post was edited by sp_patl on Nov 15 2020 06:04am
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Nov 15 2020 11:03am
Voted yes because I am on the Screenshot!
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Nov 15 2020 11:13am
Yes because I know for a fact that Garnier has to have a vault...right?

Also I like to fill vaults randomly

Should have voted no for you not using my name.

This post was edited by Ryanrules on Nov 15 2020 11:13am
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Nov 15 2020 11:42am
sent all items tier I to and
when they are sleep ;)

voted yes
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Nov 15 2020 12:52pm
do you think this works with a guild like MO and possible 700+ players?
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