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#11 Oct 18 2019 05:05pm
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Quote (bioshocker @ Oct 9 2019 10:02pm)
no they're pure garbage and some of the reasons inbreds prize them because they want to be seen as "original and unique" instead of cookie cutter

hence the reason why they're used in melee only(read subhuman) duels ...like point and click zeal or BvBv/conc barbs. To even compete with grief you need something like this


But always remember a GoDz hits 439 minimum to 517 max. While even that zerker worth over a hundred k fg can hit only like 144 and if you get a bad roll you're ded.

The only weapon i can think of beating a grief is a cruel 450%ed 40 ias eth self rep + max dmg legendary mallet. And im not even 100% sure it will though

if you wrote that up without researching it, just off the top of your head then gg you are really a pro/serious d2 player... been playing since 2002 and even i could not write up something like that from the top of my head
#12 Oct 20 2019 10:59am
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cruel rare with 5ctc amp is awsome for:
- wolf (gt 70ias/540ed/5ctc amp/adds), i dont like the lower range rares like pb etc...
- assa (different type of claws since grief dont exists in those.

and thats pretty much all.

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