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#1 Oct 6 2019 05:20am
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the previous topic on Leaving Neverland generated some good discussion, so I figured people might be interested in a new documentary that was released recently

Square One: https://youtu.be/ZxNDb2PVcoM

This documentary is incredibly biased in favor of MJ, arguing that he was completely innocent. It attempts to lead the viewer to the conclusion that the perception/allegations were constructed by a combination of:

1) greedy parents who wanted to extort him for an easy payday (well known theory)
2) an orchestrated effort by NAMBLA to make pedophilia more mainstream/accepted by making the public believe that their beloved pop idol was into it

Despite the extreme bias of this new doc, it does contain some useful facts, particularly the explanation of the legal process. It explains how MJ's legal team got outplayed and forced to settle a case in a way that made MJ come out looking bad.

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