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#1 Jun 7 2019 06:24pm
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Hello, Exiles!

I am a private and individual power leveller that is not associated with any companies or websites and work completely alone!
Your Account Information Will Not Be Shared With Third Persons!

I have been playing Path of Exile since open beta and wont stop any time soon! I have done 32/32 challenges in the first month of Talisman, 38/40 Perandus, 36/40 Prophecy, 40/40 Essence, 40/40 Breach, 36/40 Legacy, 40/40 Harbinger, 40/40 Abyss, 40/40 Bestiary, 36/40 Incursion, 40/40 Delve, 38/40 Betrayal, 37/40 Synthesis Challenge Leagues.
I've sold and gave away numerous T15/T16/Guardians,Shaper,Elder,Uber Elder and Uber Atziri services (twinned and boss kills), full clears on any map, HotGM,80 Rigwald/Pale Council etc. Done Uber Lab runs in around 5mins each on good layouts.
I have finished multiple races in top10, have some demigods, a bunch of alt art uniques and some armor sets. Lots of characters in the mid and high 90s (#neverhundred).
I got over 10000 hours spent in this game!

So here I am now, offering you my handmade powerleveling service in ANY league.

I will NEVER use a bot or any automated software that can compromise your account.
Therefore I will not compensate you if you get your account banned after the service is done. If that happens while I'm leveling, you will get another account having the same service for free.
You will keep all valuable items found (currency, gear, div cards, gems, jewels etc) throughout the powerleveling.
I am offering you a chance to jump straight into the end game in close to no time. Skip all that tedious leveling, doing the same quests over and over and over again.
Enjoy the game in less than 24 hours ( Depends on the level ).

Whatever you need to know about poe, just feel free to ask about it. I can help you with advices about build refining, passive trees (efficient pathing), gear options, flask management, mapping strategies etc.

Estimated time of completion

1-80 in a single day (14 hours) on HC Essence:

1-70 in SC Breach (8 hours) with normal,cruel and merciless trials and labs:

1-72 in SC Breach (7 hours 35 minutes):

About the order process requires

1. Payment will be paid half upfront as collateral and the rest paid upon completion of the service.
2. Always double check your login info that you provide me!
3. Wait for my response,I will contact you as soon as i am online.
4. I will let you know what time i can start your order.

About your account information requires

1. Account (E-Mail Address linked to the PoE)
2. Password
3. Character Name

Here are Details for the package

1.. All leveling Service is done 100% by hands.
2.. I use my own equipment for work, which will be removed from your character on completion of leveling.
3.. All valuable items will be saved on your storage.
4.. All gems and materials will be saved on your storage.
5.. Preferably I will follow a skill tree you provide, however I will level with my choice of gems, unless discussed otherwise beforehand.
6.. All gems for your main active gem setup will be leveled.
7.. All passive skill points quests will be done along the way.
8.. The Ascendancy Class and Ascendancy Tree will be unlocked!
9.. All 12 Trials, The Normal Labyrinth,The Cruel Labyrinth and The Merciless Labyrinth will be done ( Depends on the level ).
10. You will get an Hideout with at least 2 masters.
11. For 1-70lv+ Leveling Service i will kill act 10 final boss ( Finished Storyline ).
12. For 1-70lv+ Leveling Service The Endgame Content Will Be Unlocked ( The Atlas of Worlds ).
13. For 1-70lv+ leveling service i will do some mapping and build you a small map pool to start with.
14. Your Account Information Will Not Be Shared With Third Persons!
15. 5 years of Service without any complaint, I've invested over 200 000fg in my account, You Are Safe!
16. I will do it in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do i keep the currency and items gained while you play my character?
A: Ofcourse you do.
You retain all currency and loots during the power leveling.
In additional, you will typically gain good equipments and substantial game currency.
I will sell useless items to vendors, put good ones (like rare or unique items) in bank.

Q: How do you level my character?
A: I have a lot of experience in path of exile over 10000 played hours.
I will level your character only by hands.
The entire service is legit, No HUD nor Disconnect Scripts, No Friend's Boosting, just skills and music.

Q: Can i play with my character while leveling?
A: Logging into the account during the service is not permitted unless agreed upon to ensure the service is completed within the time frame and as fast as possible.
I will do it in one go!

Q: Can i get an update about my order everyday?
A: You may contact me here to get an update anytime if you want.

Totaly Free Masters Craft Service
Anything You Need, Just Ask!


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You may pm me to check my availability if needed.
I will reply as soon as i am available.

Thanks for choosing me!


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#2 Jun 7 2019 06:39pm
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can u boost act5 and 6 and 7 and 8 today and now ?
pm me pls
#3 Jun 7 2019 09:28pm
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Purchase ~35-70lv. power level job."
#4 Jun 8 2019 09:37am
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#5 Jun 9 2019 02:12am
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Purchase 1-70lv. power level job :)
#6 Jun 9 2019 01:29pm
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Quote (igorkalin @ Jun 9 2019 08:12am)
Purchase 1-70lv. power level job :)

Working on...

Book me now, if you want to be the next in line.

#7 Jun 9 2019 11:54pm
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Quote (igorkalin @ Jun 9 2019 08:12am)
Purchase 1-70lv. power level job :)


Thank you very much and have fun.

#8 Jun 10 2019 07:03am
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#9 Jun 10 2019 05:26pm
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#10 Jun 11 2019 04:23am
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