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Nov 1 2018 08:58am
Hello everyone!

It has been another busy month, and we have finished a couple nice features this last month. The biggest, and one that had been planned for many years now is the new notification system:
- When you come back on d2jsp or refresh a page, you will receive notification(s) for various things, such as people replying to your posts, someone quoting you, sending you gold, friend requests, topic subscription replies, etc. This makes it easier for you to stay more up to date and involved in the community and with your trades.
- You can also view a history of these notifications by going to the top right Tracker link, then the Notifications tab. More is planned for this this, so stay tuned! We also have more things slated for the upcoming months that we hope to get finished.

Here is the full digest of changes since the last update:
Public Changes [Sep 16 - Oct 31]:
  • Fixed more Guild warnings/errors to use a more standard output (Sep 18 2018)
  • Added proper button spacing on the manage block/contact list pages (Sep 19 2018)
  • Closed and archived posts in the Softcore - Americas Season Trading and Softcore - Europe Season Trading forums in preparation for Season 15 (Sep 20 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Phyerox Members++ -> Trade Assistant (Sep 24 2018)
  • Restored an old forum from the other games archives: Hellgate (Sep 27 2018)
  • Staff promotion: Holy-Martyr Members -> Members++ (Oct 1 2018)
  • Staff retirement: Awer Trade Assistant -> Members (Oct 2 2018)
  • Renamed Maplestory subforum to include 1 & 2 to be used for the new sequel recently released (Oct 3 2018)
  • Added popup notifications for all all tracked topics/forums and other various site features similar to push notifications (Oct 4 2018)
  • Added Notifications History to the Tracker (Oct 4 2018)
  • Removed the old functionality of the "Show a Popup Notification for each new PM" setting and rolled it into the new Notifications (Oct 4 2018)
  • Removed "Show a Popup Notification for each new PM" on the settings page (Oct 4 2018)
  • Renamed "Receive Push Notifications" -> "Receive Notifications" when tracking a topic or forum (Oct 4 2018)
  • Notifications will now appear in a rolling manner if your queued notifications exceed the max displayable at any given time, to ensure they are all eventually displayed on subsequent page loads/refreshes (Oct 6 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where system messages would reset the pending notifications count (Oct 8 2018)
  • You can now track your own topics and disable reply notifications on them. Please note that you will still receive notifications when someone quotes you. This is intended behavior. (Oct 9 2018)
  • Updated notifications so that they slide in from the left and do not sit on top of other content (Oct 9 2018)
  • Updates now appear under the header but remain sticky in position when scrolled past (Oct 9 2018)
  • Fixed a bug where the notifications history on the Tracker -> Notifications tab were not displaying centered on screen (Oct 9 2018)
  • Updated the breadcrumb on the Tracker -> Notifications tab (Oct 11 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: Greenbay_Fan (Oct 11 2018)
  • Fixed a profile typo with media slots in profiles as described here (Oct 11 2018)
  • Added a pager and the ability to view all of your cached Notification History (Oct 13 2018)
  • You can now delete/clear a full page of notifications on your Notification History page (Oct 15 2018)
  • Added the new top/bottom arrows to the forum search results as requested here (Oct 18 2018)
  • Added the new top/bottom arrows to the Search All Posts results from user profiles (Oct 18 2018)
  • Staff retirement: Harv Trade Assistant -> Members (Oct 18 2018)
  • Staff promotion: BlindzF Moderator -> Senior Moderator (Oct 22 2018)
  • Due to changing usage patterns, more game diversity, and better built in search tools, we removed the Trade Finder from the header (Oct 24 2018)
  • Removed the ability to add trade details to topics (Oct 24 2018)
  • New Trusted Member: SouthSide (Oct 25 2018)
  • Updated the Ladder Slasher FAQ section to have the correct information regarding the port and login information (Oct 31 2018)

Thanks for the patience this month as we initially worked out a few kinks with the new notifications system.

In case you missed the previous updates, you can read about them here:
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