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#1 Jun 22 2016 01:39pm
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I gave up on suffing..took over 270 essences to go from 63.8% to 100%..
I used tier 3 essences at rank 10 and used 44 magics, 151 rares and 72 mysticals = 267+ a few fails. Magic took approx 35 seconds.
Using rare and mysticals for more exp i averaged 15 - 18 exp = 0.14..17 exp = 0.15 so it took 7 essences per 1% exp..so thats 700.
Imagine using magic the whole time averaging 12 - 14 exp...Bout 750+
When transmuting at this rank it only takes 230 - 300 items to rank... And before the new patch i used about 550 magical essences to get to 63.8% .

Rank 10 you need over 750 magicals.
Rank 11 WELL over 900 ( 1,000 to be specific ) rare and mysticals or 700 tier 4's.
Rank 12 over 1,150 angelics LOL...or 750 tier 4 magicals... everybody needs tier 4's at this rank..
Rank 13 over 1,300 arcane+ essences or 825+ tier 4 magicals
Rank 14 Now we can actuly pass, so the exp diminish is actuly a tad bit lower upon pass...over 1,500 godly+ or 900 tier 4 magicals.
Rank 15, 98% pass rate, now we are at a rank that has a longer duration to complete so more exp so it would take around 975 essences.

Rank 11, 100% fail with tier 4...Rank 12, 99% fail (if that) with tier 4...Rank 13, 65+% fail with tier 4...Rank 14, 85+% pass rate tier 4.

Tier 3 has to be the worst out of all the ranks. Sure it takes less than the higher ranks, the exp and time duration is right but you need a longer duration to get anywhere.

Rank 12 - 16 would take over 3,400 tier 4 magical essences..thats alot of fish to suff LOL there is honestly no need in that many for supplying even 10 people.
TIMES this by 10 people, me being rank 10 on the leaderboard...thats over 35,000 tier 4 magic essences just for ranks 12-16

It would take more than 50 transmuters muting thousands of angelic-arcane+ only just to support less than 5 people at rank 12 suff to rank 13.
We are talkin over 6,000 angelic essences that are very hard to obtain and the odds for a few thousand mythicals is absurd.
Alot of this sounds crazy and unbelievable but its the truth.

Rank 11, you would have to be dumb to use tier 4's at rank 11 so thats 1,000+ tier 3 rare - mystical
Rank 12, you need to use all ur angelics for good ee fish / confreys / glyphs..And use tier 4..Or just reroll them transmuting for a LUCK craft.. And use 750 tier 4.
Rank 13 it would be a waste of time using any higher than angelic, you would definitely want to reroll all ur essences.
A smart person that buys arcane+ items and transmutes them will have over 100 angelics, so that covers 5% rank 12..Then the rest is tier 4.

So imagine the higher ranks..

Not everyone has a stack of 100 angelics, 75 mythical and 50 arcanes...to get these stacks you have to mute hundreds of arcane+ items...

Rank 11 heres the results doing 5 suffs per different essence.
Rare +9 +16 +11 +12 +12 = 12 exp average = 0.10. Will take 10 essences per 1% exp
Mystical +9 +14 +14 +13 +12 = 12.4 exp per. Not much exp gained doing higher rarity.
Tier 4 magical essences got +22 +20 +22 +18 +20 average exp = 20.4.. 22 exp gives 0.18%.. so it takes 7 essences per 1%.. it took aprox 45 secs to complete.

Its not worth my time ranking this and getting stuck using up thousands of essences when there more valuable than to over use them.

Rank 10 transmuting is about 220-350+ (tier 3 only) mutes to rank 14 (godly) make it to this rank and you only did tier 3 arcane+ this is what ur stacks would look like.
Its been a while since ive been from rank 10+ but heres a rough idea...Its actuly higher than the number i listed like most of the calculations..

10, 225...11, 240...12, 275...13, 315...14, 350...so around 1,405+ transmutes with only arcane to epic..Limit to legendary 300..Limit to godly 150.. limit to epic 50.

Magic 90..Rare 240..Mystical 305..Angelic 350..Mythical 175..Arcane 140..Legendary 45..godly 25..epic 5 = 1,375
To be more accurate place 30 essences in a corresponding spot. Arcane and below

This is a big problem.. You cant even support suffing with any of these stacks...you would have to have certain essences used for a rank.

Heres my essences i collected over the years the fat stacks are mostly bought from people / MP.
Tier 3...1853...1895....659.......241.......122.......36.........11.........2..angelic+ ive spent 1k fg+ to get these stacks. Rerolled 50 mythical and 100+ arcane

Tier 4...2094...863.....339......243........82.......37..........2..........2...angelic+ 1k+ fg spent rerolled 50 mythical 100+ arcane

Tier 5...1179....362.....180.......99........13........25.........5..........1......1...angelic+ spent 800+ fg rerolled 40 mythical 30 arcane got poo.

Tier 6...1002....373.....234......102........61.......22..........3..........1......1...angelic+ spent 750+ fg none rerolled. And still counting...

Tier 7...307....141....104........35........17.........1...rare+ spent 300+ fg alrdy....none rerolled these ranks will be my most expensive.
Tier 8 ( 25 )... bought off mp over 3 years ago when i was doing tier 4 max.

tier 3..bought around 2,000 magics (i had over 2,500 before suffing)..bought around 1,600 rare..bought around 150 mysticals..bought around 50 or more angelic.
tier 4..bought around 1,700 magics...bought around 300 rares...bought around 60 mysticals...bought less than 30 angelics
tier 5..bought around 350 magics
tier 6..bought around 250 magics
tier 7..bought around 70 magics
tier 8..cant even mute level 25's yet

Your looking at over 6,500 bought essences and over 3.5k fg spent buying high rarity items off MP and i still cant make it to rank 16..not including rods and fish.
Only a handful of people bought out all the hard earned essences that took alot of time making, and has left the essence use to none.

Ive only rerolled tier 3 mythical (50) arcane (over 100 times) tier 4 mythical (around 50) arcane (100+) tier 5 mythical (around 40) arcane (around 30)
Even with my high amounts of collected angelic - arcane would only manage 15%> exp from angelics (rank 12) and 12% from arcane if i had 100+ of them

I got shit from all these rerolls.

Heres my 2 good crafts i sold.

Arcane woolen padded robe...tier 3
Physical Defense: 0 to 9
Magical Defense: 7 to 19

+14 Strength
+7 Dexterity
+6% Experience Gained
+1 Life Regen
+1% Physical Damage Reduction...(4/20/14)...sold for 300fg
+1% Lightning Mastery

Arcane linen padded robe
Level Req: 5
Physical Defense: 0 to 14
Magical Defense: 10 to 26

+15 Dexterity
+362 Max Life
+1 Life Regen
+1 to 15 Life per Kill
+2% Damage Return
+2% Wind Mastery...(7/20/14)...sold for 400fg...ofc all this fg went towards refueling items / essences

Theres only a few people who still transmute on softcore occasionaly and with the lowest rank of 16 to 20 on the leaderboards thats the tiers we need to get exp suffing.
How does less than 5 active people support themselves rerolling items and 1 person suffing? They cant.

Even at my rank 25 it would take over 50 secs to transmute 1 arcane tier 5 item (no exp) for a 1 in 6 essence, higher chance guna be rare+
Tier 4 arcane+ would take 30+ seconds
Tier 3 arcane+ would take 20 seconds
How would anyone backtrack tens of thousands of items? Not including the essences you alrdy have. for a few ranks?

That would take longer than me going to 1-25 transmuting ranks AGAIN..using all arcane+ essences and still wont have enough for any suff ranks.
You would have to restart a 3rd time and still wont have enough :(

I still break down tier 1 legendary+ tier 2 arcane+ tier 3 mythical+ tier 4 mythical+ and tier 5 angelic+

Ive always transmute fast for the least exp possible to get more essences before ranking..when you take 15+ seconds longer you get more exp..then theres a cap.

My friend inka is rank 31 suff

Heres his exp % increase with 2 suffs ..31.12% starting..first suff gave him 31.16..and 2 gave him 31.23 (high roll) is like a 50% chance to get 50% more exp
Lets say 0.05 is average..He will need over 2,000 rare essences (with chance) to rank him from 0% to 100%..
And a transmute at rank 22 (which is lvl 20 rare max) will take between 220-230 rare only mutes. TO rank 23..Averaging over 3 mins and 20 secs
Lets say you did only rare essences at rank 22 to rank 23..its a 1/2 chance you get magic or rare, so that will cover 5.5% or less than 1/20
2,000 x 0.05 = 100..He needs 20 level 20 rare essences per 1%

Out of all the transmuters 90+% stocked up tier 3-6 reserves are used up in 3 years..and most of the tier 6+ has been used to reroll for crafts and exp.
WE are tallking millions of essences blown just for suffing with all these few suffers, its up there with all the transmuters essences rerolled.
Ofc i know its not equal to all the transmuted items but i mean cmon theres 50 times more transmuters.
10 people cant even support 1 suffer whos in the 16+ ranks.. you would need for rank 17+ thousands of tier 5's

I will now be rerolling my tier 5, 6 and 7 angelic+ hopefully for some good crafts..and keep the rest of my essences up to level 25 magic and reroll the rest.
Hopefully this skill can be tweaked, making it last as long as transmute, would make a dramatic impact. Even this way you still gota find/buy thousands of items.
Even better...make it last longer than transmute i mean suffing a level 20 glyph and it getting 100+% ee would last longer than 70 minutes.
You can alrdy suff tier 3 and make it last longer than a level 20 glyph.

This is the most time consuming / fg use skill there is...who could sit and do over 1k suffs per low ranks, compared to fishing which is fun?

No one can get to rank 1 suff without buying essences sadly. And its not even the best skill :(..
you need to chain 4 skills, transmuting, fishing / cooking and suff...make it 5 skills if glyphing. The rest of the skills rely on doing it urself and climbing.

A person that suffs must have ranks into transmuting or it will not work for anyone.

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#2 Jun 22 2016 01:51pm
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tl;dr anyone?
#3 Jun 22 2016 02:24pm
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#4 Jun 22 2016 02:25pm
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I think you just do not understand skilling...
#5 Jun 22 2016 06:45pm
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Quote (harmacintyre @ Jun 22 2016 02:25pm)
I think you just do not understand skilling...

i dont get it? did u not actualy understand? do you not realize that the essences are gone and this is not fair? Or understand how long it would take?

I do understand skilling...transmute the most overpowered skill, i can get more than 1 rank per month at my current rank...it still takes about the same amount of mutes per rank.

I can get a rank 15 fishing in less than a month easy and get my cooking to rank 14 which is tier 4 minimum.

How about you actualy do the calculations on how many essences you need not including arcane, just angelic and below im to lazy atm to actualy give you an idea.

It would take decades getting ur transmute rank at 45+, fishing 30+, cooking 24+, and suff 30+ supplying urself.

It would take longer getting suff to 30 than any other skill, do you even know how long it takes transmuting level 20's at rank 50+ transmute? Over a minute...

Only reason i got past rank 6 is because i bought over 2,000 tier 1-2 essences...

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#6 Jun 22 2016 06:53pm
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i totally agree skilling isnt worth it, but i do it anyway because i get bored when i regen
#7 Jun 22 2016 07:54pm
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It is like saying glyphing is impossible and not affordable because the high ranks have 70-90 percent fail rates when you are moving up tiers...
#8 Jun 22 2016 08:07pm
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Quote (harmacintyre @ Jun 22 2016 07:54pm)
It is like saying glyphing is impossible and not affordable because the high ranks have 70-90 percent fail rates when you are moving up tiers...

Bro any1 can easily get past 17...you dont need supporters for that skill i can go all day about this, you needa actualy have a response that has something to do with this
That is helpful

i alrdy knew that anyways, theres actualy a better chance picking another word other than the 1 that popped up.

/edit alrdy past 2.5% muting deduct few mins loligagging.

LOL rank 4 when you get to rank 7 doing tier 3 let me know, u will see what im talking about. Look at my tier 4 magic suffs at rank 11

tier 3 the worst...go from rank 7 to 11 and tell me how many magicals you used.

RE read all thats typed out agin above..

you dont use tier 3's at rank 4...ur blowing all ur valuable essences when they should be used at rank 7.

did you not see i bought thousands of tier 3 arcane+ and thats my stacks? look at rank 10 to 14 transmuteing over 1.4k items and look at the stacks.

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#9 Jun 22 2016 08:15pm
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You have to move up the tiers...

for example, rank 4 suff I can do tier 3 ess. I just did one, it gave me 22/5000 experience... That is ~225 ess... which is practically nothing

The point is you can find TONS of magicals... or very little arcanes... broaden your scope of what you need and it will become much easier

The fact that I see you rerolling all these arcanes n such means I know you are doing it wrong.

You can easily just do the tier up magicals for essences and get prof...

All of the skills are easy... they just take a very very long time

If you do not reroll items you can use ALL of the essences for suffusencing
#10 Jun 22 2016 10:03pm
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if skilling in this game was easy, every1 would do it.
the way it is, only a few work tog et to high ranks and everything they get out is well deserved.
lower ranks are fast gained, you are right. it is made to give an impression how long it will take to improve to higher ranks. many start skilling, most of them quit ~ rank 5-15.
at least the starter maybe invest in unused materials like essences or fish the higher guys have left over, to refund them a bit fg.

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