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E-Mail Change Guide

Firstly, click the settings button on the top bar:

On the side, select "Change Email", you will see this:

This guide will help you through the simple process of changing you e-mail address attached to your d2jsp account.

Your Current Email Address:
Enter your current Email address linked to your d2jsp account if you know it. If you do not, press the "Start Email Recovery" button.

Your New Email Address:
Here you can enter the Email address you'd like to have your d2jsp account linked to.

Confirm New Email Address:
Here you will need to confirm the new Email address.

Your Current Password:
Here you will need to enter your d2jsp account password.

Once all that is done, you can press "Change My Email Address".
Please note that once you've done this, you will be logged out and before you are able to log back in, you must check your new e-mail address and follow the instructions there.

For more information on Email Recovery, you can view the Guide to Account Recovery
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