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This guide is for members of the d2jsp community, who for their past actions have resulted in a warn.
This guide will explain consequences of obtaining warns, and what you can do to reform to become a more positive user on the d2jsp forums.

The warn guide written by CTaulborg and can be viewed here The new warning system

When you acquire warns your access to D2jsp is restricted depending on the percentage (%)

10%: You earn the inability to post in the "Christian Fellowship" subforum, in the "Love Line" subforum and in the "Ladder Slasher" subforum and maximum 3 images in your profile and a 10 second flood timer.
20%: You earn the inability to post in the "Political And Religious Discussion" subforum or on the "Science, Technology and Nature" subforum and a 10 second flood timer.
30%: You earn the inability to post this "YouTube" films and/ or on the "Site Suggestions" subforum, "WoW" subforum, and "culinary arts" subforum and you earn a 10 second flood timer.
40%: You earn a 10 second flood timer.
50%: You earn the loss of profile rights, the inability to post images, the inability to edit posts and a 10 second flood timer.
60%: You earn a 10 second flood timer.
70%: You earn the loss of forum gold access, loss of private message features, the loss of access to warn logs and a 10 second flood timer.
80%: You earn a 10 second flood timer.
90%: You earn a 90 second flood timer.
100%: You earn the inability to post or remove your warn

The reason you acquire warns vary depending on how the member of staff interprets it and what the situation was. Warns are given to the staffs discretion and are not given out lightly.

Warn removals

When the link comes up to request a removal, your request goes to the moderator who gave you the warn.
That moderator will then search your last posts to check your behavior.


- Because a Moderator most likely will not know you personally, they will use your last posts to determine your personality and judge your behavior.
- If the moderator is then satisfied that you have served well for your misdeed's they will approve and grant you a removal.
- If not they may extend your warn for a period of time. This again will vary from Moderator to Moderator.

A common misconception is that if you go inactive, you wont do anything wrong therefore you cant get more warns and you will always get a warn removed.
This is not necessarily true. The Moderator who issued your warn wants to see how you behave and behaved in the duration of the warn period to see how you have acted as a member.
They cannot do this if you are inactive and don't post, thus a chance of your warn being extended.

Users with a high percent warn(%)

If you begin to accumulate several warnings at a time, it is possible that the time you must wait before a removal request may be increased.
This is to adjust for members who have a history of disregarding the rules. - CTaulborg

With 70% warn plus, you lose your private message rights along with gold logs and access to view your warn logs.
Therefore you must make a topic in the General Help section.
It can be that you are given a date a few months down the line to repost for more information.
More information does not mean you will get a warn removal.
Once you have posted the topic, a helper in General Help will forward your topic to a member of staff to be reviewed.
Please do not continue to bump your thread, a member of staff will post there in due time with more information and a date for removal.
This member of staff will not be able to give you a reason why you have been warned, the information will not be publicly disclosed.
You will have to wait until your warn is removed to view your logs.

Positive and reformed characters.

Whilst you are waiting for your warn removal date to arrive, abide by the rules and show you are an active, good member of the community.
Do not go inactive because it will not help your case. Help around and show that you are sincere about removing your warn.

Things to do:
Help around in the General Help Forum, The discussion and Guides Forum (if you play Diablo II), Subforum's that you usually post in, reporting topics using the report button. Be active. Take part in conversations that are on topic, respect other users and be in general a decent human being.

Things not to do:
Break D2jsp rules in general such as spamming, Flaming and be disrespectful towards other users. Obtain more warns, Post in the S/A forum.


- People can change, there might have been a reason for a users erratic behavior, and you may feel your warns are unfair, But. Your account is your responsibility so you must accept the consequences for your disregard to the rules.
- If you are sincere about your intentions and want to be a better person, be helpful and work to remove your warns.
- Warns are not good or cool. They reflect negatively on you and make you look like a disrespectful user. However, aiming to be a good member of the community and aiming to remove your warns will give you a positive image.

Advice for Reformed Characters

Treat people how you would like to be treated.

There are such things as second chances. If you work hard enough, and show people that you are sincere. Things will look up for you.
You will make new and more friends in the community. And most of all be able to enjoy the time you spend whilst being a member of the D2jsp forums.

Final Note

No one will say you have to 'mini mod', not be able to speak your mind, act as you wish. But what is asked of each member is you respect other members of the community by following the forum rules.
Be yourself, enjoy the time you spend on D2jsp and lastly be a decent human being.

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