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Dec 26 2023 11:55am
Any solo players out there going for lvl 101?
How do you do it? Whistle/explore?
How good equipment do you need?
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Dec 26 2023 12:47pm
You're definitely gonna want to whistle - if you hit a triple EP at lvl 90+ it's gonna be really rough.

I haven't done any solo to 101, but I assume the best way to do it would be melee hybrid for good healing.

If you don't want to hybrid, you probably want to be 100+ vit and get sneaky, but you're gonna spend a LOT of time regening.

For example; at lvl 82 on my HH with ~170ee lvl 55 axe, 46 str leather and 48 str charm (no hybrid heals) I can get about 15% of an exp bar on one regen. At 9k+ health it takes 100-120s to regen depending on how good your gear is. With my gear you're probably looking at 1-2 waves per regen once you get over lvl 90.

E/ warlock would probably be a good choice too, but you're gonna need a ton of shrines for the late levels.

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Dec 26 2023 12:57pm

altho he can probably tell you its not worth it
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Dec 26 2023 09:30pm
Not worth the effort.

Even with with the Best feeder classes to be Melee or Cast Healer builds will have a terrible time @ level 85+ with the best gear if you don't have the experience to have your cursor on the "Door" icon with each step you take if exploring the catacomb... as for Whistle... my personal view doesn't really matter, but that is just a pussy way out to get to 101, HOWEVER, it helps a hell of a lot to complete your goal of getting to level 101.

Oh... as for the Best Melee / Heal build for a Feeder Class in my opinion (that every one that knows me ... is) a Guardian ... they use every Heavy Weapon and Heal type charms ... but only limited to Chain or Plate armor, however, they start off with 55 Vitality and 55 Intelligence = 110 starting stats in Defense.

Do the research on classes here to come up with your own opinions and those of others... but play as you want to, I am not trying to dissuade you in your endeavor, however, from level 71, 73, 75 Master Quests as a Feeder, Samurai & Paladin, it would be faster to just MQ than trying to complete the last 30 levels.

Oh... Classes information can be found here: https://ladderslasher.d2jsp.org/index.php?g=2
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Dec 29 2023 01:10pm
This isn't a case of is it worth it, it's how to do it.

I've heard it being done on melee, Tbh whatever class you want as by the time you hit level 95 defense becomes semi pointless as mob damage gets high enough to make its value worth less.
In general stat all stats into vitality, this helps give you the most amount of kills per afk session
Then as much stats as you can get on armor/charm. Obviously EE weapon.
Fighter has powerstrike and barb has better stats than fighter with retribution. In short you'll probably want to to use single target abilities, so those 2 are likely the most ideal, particularly the barb as 120 useful starting stats for clubs/swords (60str/60vit), whilst axes wouldnt matter which.
Would suggest a minimum of 180ee wep
Total of 100 stats armor/charm.
At less than that i think it's gonna take too long to be worth even considering. Should still be possible with as low as 150ee.

I'd personally use a warlock, as it always seems less of a grind to reach level 80+ with than HH/Alch. Roughly equal vit/int until level 81 then i'd suggest more vitality till 101.
Use Powercast, Doublecast and Salvation.
Probably wouldnt take that long either, i've solo'd to 87 on hardcore before with ~40 int staff/robe and 160ee charm, stopped there as a set of 3 eps was dodgier than i'd have liked, thankfully only the on stunner which i killed first.

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Dec 30 2023 08:54pm
Quote (Bigheaded @ 30 Dec 2023 08:10)
This isn't a case of is it worth it, it's how to do it.

Correct, so I will follow your lead to answer:

Quote (Fluffypuppy @ 27 Dec 2023 06:55)
Any solo players out there going for lvl 101?
How do you do it? Whistle/explore?
How good equipment do you need?

Softcore only... if you use a death farmer you will get there eventually if you use whistle more often than hunting Evil Presence at level 88+

Gear? Well that depends on what gear you have for the character classes that can use those items? Oh, I wouldn't use Axe / Ice or Focus heals ... the averages are the same for ALL gear, use some open ended items like swords, clubs, lightning, winds, Reg heals or Wilds ... you get the same RNG for high or low end damage/heals.

Personally if a melee / heal build... I would use Heavy weapons... dang, and not Battle Axes or Spears... @ level 85+ they don't really do much, you need to work on the luck of the RNG for High & Low end damage, you will be amazed.

Keep an eye out on your character (top left) to decide to exit catacomb, use the hotkeys Q and E for melee & Heal, or E and R for Cast and Heal (or reverse).

Whistle... I think that is your only option... as for gear... minimum of 150% EE (weapon & charms) ... also armor... however Stats make a difference.
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Jan 4 2024 03:33pm

Is another big boss who could help I know he tends to solo to 101 as well
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Jan 5 2024 01:44pm
Quote (bhBc @ 4 Jan 2024 22:33)

Is another big boss who could help I know he tends to solo to 101 as well

ty for the mention!

Quote (Fluffypuppy @ 26 Dec 2023 18:55)
Any solo players out there going for lvl 101?
How do you do it? Whistle/explore?
How good equipment do you need?

I solo to 101 all the time and I don't think any gear exists that will make it easy on a melee robe char, ideally you want to do it on a warlock as that is actually pretty easy. 1-92 is not a problem for me to do, the real challenge begins at lvl 93-101. To push for lvl 90 is always worth it for me since it's not that much harder than 70-80, the last bit can take a very long time.

You should never consider whistling to 101, if you can't handle it, it's obviously not worth it.

The best chars imo for solo 101s are:

I can go into greater detail about all of the things you can do to make it easier if you are serious about going for 101 :P

This is how I stat my ninja for 101 solo climbs and the gear I use, on top of that I also use a lot of glyphs to make it easier:

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Jan 10 2024 02:57am
thanks for the info!
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Jan 24 2024 02:35am
Even with the new updates, it is still achievable as long as you have the gear, however, it will take you longer with the new monster abilities.

Too be honest, not that much longer, you just need to adapt to taking more notice of what is happening during your game. The build(s) haven't changed, nor have the items to succeed or re-roll. The game may seem harder, but it isn't, it is only a stop gap measure to slow down runs by about 2%.

If you don't want to fall down a TD by clicking on an Emblem, then don't click them.
Your ability disappeared while encountering a wave of monsters, just town and shrine or regen.

The update is not hard at all, just don't try solo to level 101, same as falling in a TD that gives no benefits... exit game and make a new one.
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