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Posts: 16,506
Joined: May 14 2011
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Feb 23 2023 09:53am
I may get back to w3
Never tryed reforged and im wondering if theres still some players left
Any custom game like before ?
Posts: 2,114
Joined: Feb 11 2019
Gold: 4.57
Apr 7 2023 08:16pm
Still some players left but its hit or miss one day I tried to play and was just some chatbot spamming so much you couldn't play lol and ran into him like 3 games in a row
Posts: 13
Joined: May 26 2023
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May 28 2023 05:33pm
Custom games are going strong actually.
Legion TD devs active, idk about other games.
War3Champions mod for competitive 1v1 ladder.
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