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Jan 29 2023 07:05pm
Budget: 2000 CAD
More specific use (what games, what programs): Medium Gaming, 4K resolution for video streaming on youtube.. (not gaming)
Planned time until purchase: 2 weeks
Do you need an Operating System?: yes
Do you have any specific preferred components?: no
Do you need a sound or wireless card?: no
Do you want stock cooling or do you plan on overclocking?: stock is fine.
Do you need a monitor? mouse? keyboard?: Need a monitor, 32 inches 4K
Zip code/location? (Shipping costs): Montreal, Canada

Dont need to spend too much on GPU.
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Jan 30 2023 04:35pm
Quote (BiG_BeN @ Jan 30 2023 09:06am)

if your budget includes monitor that is an unrealistic pairing
that what i came up with budgeting hard for monitor 4k curved, but this is only 60hz refresh rate (not sure if that matters to you or not)
still needs an OS as well

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Feb 2 2023 09:35am
luckily an OS can be easily aquired for free
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