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Sep 22 2022 02:20pm
Quote (lynzee @ Sep 19 2022 11:20pm)
People still had hopes for this game?

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Sep 22 2022 06:44pm
doesn't exist anymore, was it this video?

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Sep 22 2022 11:44pm
Quote (lynzee @ Sep 19 2022 01:20pm)
People still had hopes for this game?

I'm giving it high hopes, but a big part of me knows I'll be let down if it takes too much from D3
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Sep 23 2022 01:31am
Quote (Liamtrolls @ Sep 23 2022 05:44pm)
I'm giving it high hopes, but a big part of me knows I'll be let down if it takes too much from D3

yes high hopes is always the best way to not be disappointed :thumbsup:
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Sep 23 2022 02:54am
Quote (KDACardano @ Sep 19 2022 08:58pm)
Your observation is in accordance with mine, I posted this weeks ago:

It looks like we're circling around the same idea but it's not obvious to put into words.

Quote (nowaisolame @ Sep 19 2022 08:14pm)
this pretty much

skills and movement are what make d2 fun.

but they'll focus on visual and story because videogames have to be developed and written like movies now.

100% agreed. Exactly how I feel about it.
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Sep 24 2022 06:32am
looks like D3, wont be playing it. Hope poe2 or last epoch are any good
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Sep 24 2022 10:19pm
undecember looks better than this garbage


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Sep 25 2022 09:20am
Quote (KDACardano @ Sep 18 2022 07:58pm)
I think I solved the puzzle of why both D3 and D4 are bad especially D4.

They don't want young people to acquire PTSD visuals that soldiers don't know how to forget when they return from war.

In other words, when you approach a human with a baseball bat and split their skull open, you acquire certain visuals of that violence which later gives you PTSD.

This means that you saw some aspect of our reality that you should not have seen. You saw that a skull can open, that parts of it can fly, or that a hole is left.

If they make the game like that, they render normal a type of violence that belongs not be seen.

What you see in the video for example, the screen wide particle effects, is just a way to avoid creating visuals where you approach a humanoid melee range and start taking body-parts off of them.

I don’t really think that has utterly anything to do with the quality or efficacy of gameplay which would render d3 and d4 as very poorly designed games.
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Sep 25 2022 12:14pm
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Sep 25 2022 03:13pm
Quote (Dmitriy @ Sep 22 2022 08:44pm)
doesn't exist anymore, was it this video?


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