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Oct 4 2022 05:41pm
Quote (Flameyes @ Oct 2 2022 10:27pm)
Someone tell them that they can sacrifice some realism to make it so we can actually fucking see any scene that takes place at night

Jeremy jahns made the same complaint ,

I only noticed it when rewatching in the day time ,
N I had trouble seeing in the night time scenes lol

So yeap, house or dragons could make it a little easier to see for us,

But darkness is a good way to make cgi creatures look more real;

That indie film did a good job at this, the indie film where these guys live on a island that sea creatures are on, but he keeps the female sea creature as his sex slave,

The budget wasn't huge, so he used darkness to make the cgi creatures look more real,

I think it was called cold skin or something like that, I've heard others talk about this movie as well, so I gave it a chance

I did say to my self during earlier episodes of house of the dragons,
It's been almost like 10 years since game of thrones, so I was expecting the dragons to loook alot better in house of dragons,

But I know good cgi does cost a fortune,

N even big block buster movies are still using ugly cgi monster,

Brother Nwotmik, some secret snitches have invaded ur post;
I will be more careful from snitches,

Or birches who can't handle the smoke, when they play with fire
Suicide squad 2 and Shang chi both had big cgi monster bosses,

N I'm not sure about the house of dragons budget,

Game of thrones was litteraly the most expensive show to make ever until rings of power by Amazon,

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Oct 4 2022 05:47pm
My youtube autoplay is on,
N it's doing q&a on episode 4......

Us fans are more observant this guy,

He keeps saying Matt Smith humped his neice ,

I'm pretty sure, Matt Smith just kissed her n got her really horny, n she was willing, but he didn't stick it in, n that was obvious to me,

But she was still soaking wet, so she seduced Cole who didn't have the will power to deny her,

Cole is that loser who pretends he's the good guy, but he's not; supposedly he has like a wife n 3 kids or some shit as well,

Matt Smith is the bad ass who appears to be the villain but is actually the top G,

If Matt smith really did hump the princess in episode 4, I doubt she would of humped Cole, she's not that horny; where she would lose her virginity to her uncle n then get some more dick from Cole after lol,

She lost her virginity to Cole, not her uncle,

That's why episode 7 was important when Matt n princesses finally hook up;
It feels like the horny princess always loved matt;
Even over her baby daddy, the bone breaker guy,

Like she only got with bone breaker , cuz Matt Smith abandoned her, n she needed company

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