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Jun 27 2022 10:01pm
I'm trying to find the best possible combination for the barbaro find gear, does anyone have the build link? I tried to find it on the forum, but I couldn't find a definitive one.
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Jun 27 2022 10:08pm
Grief PB / 6ist phase blade offhand (grief on weapon slot above gloves first, then ist'd pb on right)
Dual Nagel rings
Trang Belt (can do goldwrap)
Shako with Cham or Ist (cham if with goldwrap)
War Travs
Ammy with 5+ FCR / MF (+2 barb is cool, or +2 warcries)
Ist'd Wizspikes or Suicide branches for BO/Teleport/Horking

Hits 105fcr with wizzies or branches out, keeps 60 of the MF on offhand from the 180 in the ist'd pb

Stack MF in inventory
Torch/Anni etc

Merc can use whatever, to avoid chilling from fort, use treachery. Use insight ofc

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Jun 29 2022 10:37am
I usually opt for GriefZ over PB because of the extra range (useful in the clusterfuck of Pits), but yeah. What poster above said.
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Jun 29 2022 06:35pm
Pitzerker to me was incredibly boring after 1 run. I prefer a frenzy gf barb hit eld shenk and trav, average 500k gold per run tons of rares to id and plenty of gambling
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