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Jun 18 2022 12:01am
Quote (phoenixfire82 @ 17 Jun 2022 06:40)
why didn't you just say "d4 is not d2, therefore bad" would have saved you so much typing

he's not wrong tho
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Jun 18 2022 08:07am
Quote (B00MAN @ 17 Jun 2022 07:04)
watched a video with D4 developer guy talking about how they took the rune idea from D3
and decided that the rune effects would work better if they were on items instead!
fucking geniuses! :wallbash:

A lot of people in Blizzard think players are only chasing legendary items, they don't even know/care that people wants blue/rare items be comparable to them.
So with such level of understanding what do you expect?
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Jun 23 2022 05:24pm
Quote (EsCalibvrVT @ 13 Jun 2022 10:30)
- No runewords
- Can upgrade rares into "legendarys" (so essentially there will be no point in having rares)
- No mana/hp/rejuv pots
- mercs? none
- no skill tree. looks too similar to diablo 3 (which was mega trash)
- extracting "essence" from legendaries and putting them into new ones (so everyone is going to be running around with the same ol meta legendary abilities)
- game sounds really similar to diablo immortal which is a flop already

basically, all the things we love that separate Diablo 2 from other games like WoW, Runescape, Destiny... etc... are still taken MIA since diablo 3

they are just gonna make a microtransaction store like immortal. lol
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