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Apr 14 2022 09:01am
1 Year has passed since I left UA to create my own guild with some of my very good friends
This year has been far far far better than I could ever have imagined with such a small group!
I'd like to thank you all for joining me on this journey and I'm hella proud to be the leader of such an amazing group <3

In our very first year with a fresh made guild we managed to climb all the way to #9 position, something that I thought would never have been posible (considering how few we are)
An amazing job and dedication from our top slashers (Matthi & Andrea) This could not have been done without you guys!
You guys have been great help in creating and setting up our groups (driving/healing and what not)

I would also like to thank the whole community for joining in whenever we've been in need of people for climbs/mirror mazes!
Special thanks goes out to all the people in AD & SotN for coming in clutch over the last few weeks/months to do mass MM runs! Thank you <3

This is our whole team! (incl chris who left us)

YUP this is 1!!! year...

Our goal for next year? I hope we can get to #5 position?!?

Thanks <3
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Apr 14 2022 09:12am
happy birthday click or kick,
congrats on the slashing!
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Apr 14 2022 09:14am
Congrats, been pushing the ladder like crazy!

Happy birthday :)
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Apr 14 2022 09:18am
Well done guys! You have earned yourself some time out in the lovely spring sun - maybe a year long break so AD can pass you? :D :hug:
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Apr 14 2022 09:19am
Awesome job guy!!
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Apr 14 2022 09:20am
Congratz Nic & friends! Good luck on your further journey and with your 2nd year goal!
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Apr 14 2022 09:26am
GG fellas
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Apr 14 2022 09:28am
Quote (TGHodin @ Apr 14 2022 07:18am)
Well done guys! You have earned yourself some time out in the lovely spring sun - maybe a year long break so AD can pass you? :D :hug:

I agree these people need to go touch grass!

Amazing accomplishment, can you beat it in year 2? :thumbsup:
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Apr 14 2022 09:32am
Do you guys have jobs?
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Apr 14 2022 09:33am
Very good job guys :hail:
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